Franklin Fright (And the Return to Nightmare Before Tinsel) 21 October 2021

On Thursday evening, I decided to go back to Tinsel. I ran into Josh and despite the Harley Quinn makeup, he recognized me. He said, “I could recognize you from a mile away.” Awww. He was dressed up as a gangsta Freddy Krueger and couldn’t wait to take more photos. I asked him how felt about the Joker. And dressing up as Joker.

“Which Joker are we talking about? Jared Leto?”

“Nah. I broke up with that Joker.”

He laughed and said, “good, I’m not ripped enough for that one. How about Heath Ledger’s?”

“I love Heath Ledger! I love his Joker the best.”

He smiled and I replied, “I’ll be back again on the 30th, all dressed. I’m going to another costume party then.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can come up with on the 30th.”

By that point, I met a group of young women and they let me join their group for a round of shots. I met Kathy, Karen, Joe, and Ben. It was Kathy’s birthday and we spent a good half an hour chatting. Taking a shot for Kathy’s birthday was fun and I’m grateful that they included me, and let me take a photo for the Happiness Box. We exchanged phone numbers and we’ll be in touch.

Karen sent me the Boomerang video she took. Unfortunately, lighting is bad in spooky places.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see Josh before I left for a photo. It was getting pretty crowded, and I needed to eat before I went to the Franklin Institute. It was 6:45 at that point and Franklin Fright began at 8pm. At least Kathy took this photo for me before I left:

I was going to have dinner at Sansom Kabob since I haven’t had a meal there since before the pandemic. Unfortunately, they were still on a take out basis only. Instead, I tried a new place: the sushi and poke restaurant up the street. They had gluten-free options and the sushi I had was delicious. Harley Quinn loves sushi.

I finished around 7:16 and walked to the Franklin Institute. From 13th and South to 20th and Winter streets, it took me about 35 minutes to walk that. It had to be a good 3 miles. It felt nice to walk. Everyone I passed by loved my costume. Even young children shouted, “it’s Harley Quinn! I love you Harley!” Their mothers also loved my costume. Made me feel good.

Franklin Fright was amazing. I met Gwen, Meg, Laura, Elsie, and Matt. It was an evening of selfies, photo booths, drag shows, the planetarium, and science experiments. We had to show proof of vaccination and it felt good to be back to a new normal.

I’ll post photos first, then videos of two of the drag performers.

Such a fun evening! I’ll be going to the Franklin Institute next Saturday before going back to Nightmare Before Tinsel and the costume party. Next Saturday will be the family one. It’ll be a different type of fun, but fun nonetheless. I love Halloween.

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One thought on “Franklin Fright (And the Return to Nightmare Before Tinsel) 21 October 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m glad you were able to return as planned to Nightmare Before Tinsel, found new friend Josh waiting there as you were hoping, and that the two of you agreed to meet again on the 30th. Your social card is rapidly filling up for Halloween 2021, dear friend! I’m happy to see all these pictures of the good times you had making new friends and soaking up the holiday atmosphere. The costumes are fantastic, including your Harley Quinn. Your evening was a double-header, make that a triple-header, as you found a new sushi place, had a fine meal, and then took a walk and made the scene at Franklin Fright for more scary fun and festivity including friend meet-ups, educational exhibits and drag shows. I think I heard Rob Zombie singing while Onyx pranced on the runway. I’m glad you took your proof of vax card along. “Don’t leave home without it.”

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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