I Got My Booster!

I believe health is a major part of happiness – they have a symbiotic relationship, as your health depends upon happiness and happiness depends upon your health.

I know I’ve been a bit MIA. I finally got my cycle after two years. I was never a regular gal, and after tests not figuring out why, I think I know why. The why may not solve the whole issue, but nonetheless I am happy it came, even if it was a shocker (total Halloween mode too… of course, I had nothing and neither did people in the office, oh well). I believe leaving a job that was toxic to my soul and starting a new job that aligns with my soul has made the difference. Sorry if that’s TMI. But, I wanted to share that tidbit because joy relieves stress a bit and when stress is low, your body can function normally.

My job had a vaccine clinic today. I got my flu shot a few weeks ago, but I was eligible for the Modern booster. I got my booster today. So far, I’m not sore like the 1st and especially the 2nd dose, so I’m hoping I won’t go sick. It feels great to have the booster.

It was nice seeing so many people attend the vaccine clinic. Philadelphia and many counties surrounding Philadelphia are now requiring proof of vaccination. My guess is it’ll eventually include proof of booster. Regardless of when the booster requirement takes place, I’m prepared for the long winter ahead. Here’s to a happy and healthy Jessica!

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One thought on “I Got My Booster!”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    There’s a lot for you to be happy about at the moment, and that makes me happy, too, dear friend! When I read the words, ” I believe leaving a job that was toxic to my soul and starting a new job that aligns with my soul has made the difference, ” I thought to myself “Right on! How true it is.” I am overjoyed knowing that your new job aligns with your soul. On cue, your body is signaling approval.

    I’m also elated to know that you went ahead and got a flu shot and the Moderna booster. It’s a wise decision, the right decision. (Don’t listen to people like Eric Clapton. I hesitate to even post his music on my blog since he’s been acting like a dick and spreading misinformation for so long.) Carry your VAX card and/or paperwork with you at all times because you never know when a favorite venue will ask for proof before allowing you to enter. “It’s better to have and don’t need, than to need and don’t have,” as the Don Covay song goes.

    Indeed – here’s to a happy and healthy Jessica! Don’t be a stranger at Shady’s Place. Come back and see me soon. Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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