I Got Inked in New York City! Daredevil Adventures | 20 August 2021

Two weeks ago, I was telling Crush that I was planning on getting tatted while in NYC. I’ve always wanted to be tatted in the Big Apple and I decided to finally do it. Crush asked me what I was planning on getting. I told Crush I was thinking about a compass since I love travelling with “Stay Curious” underneath. I love Leanne Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” but knew ‘I hope you never lose your sense of wonder’ would be too long and ‘Stay Curious’ is the shorter version of that sentiment.

Crush told me that they once drew a Star Compass while in school, then realized it was an actual design. I asked them if they would mind sending me a photo of the drawing, Crush did and I asked if I could use it for a tattoo. Crush gave me the A-Okay and I made the appointment at Daredevil Tattoo for Friday, 20 August 2021 for 6pm. My last night in New York City. I found them through Air BNB experiences since they are also a museum – they were the first tattoo parlor to open in NYC.

This is the drawing Crush sent me:

I made sure not to get sunburned when I visited the beach on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. On the 20th, I decided not to go to the beach, to avoid getting sunburned. I’ll explain what I did instead in a later entry. I decided to leave for my appointment at 4:55 pm, but I forgot something and had to catch the 5:19 B train to Grand St. I ended up 15 minutes late because NYC is doing track work, like Philadelphia.

When I arrived, the receptionist was understanding and said it was okay. Daredevil was pretty empty except for one other person getting tattooed. I was asked to fill out a form and show my ID. I had to take a photo of my Passport too (later, I found out that Daredevil sent this to the NYC Department of Health, as by law in NY). Then I met my artist, Adrien.

Adrien was a guest artist and he asked me what I wanted done. I showed him the picture of the star compass and I also said I wanted “Stay Curious.” I pointed to where I wanted them done. He drew up my designs, I chatted with the receptionist some more. I also asked if I could take photos. Both the receptionist and later Adrien said, “of course! The process is a memory and you can share the photos.”

After Adrien drew my designs and I approved, he brought me back to the tattooing area, fitted me with the designs, instructed me to lay down on the table and he began to tattoo. I loved watching him while taking selfies and chatting with him. He was a great conversationalist and tattoo artist.

45 minutes later, Adrien was done and he agreed to a selfie! I ooohed and awwed and fell in love with my pieces. I was so happy and he was so happy that I was happy too. He gave me the aftercare instructions and I thanked him. He was travelling from Rochester and I told him that maybe in the near future I will visit him in Rochester. I really love his work and he’s a great artist.

I sent one of the photos to Crush and Crush was impressed with Adrien’s work. Crush thought, “he did a pretty good job with the star compass!” Yay! Crush was happy too!

I had reservations for Noodlelove in NYC’s Chinatown, but I ended up not going. My appointment got done at 7:30 instead of at 7. My reservations were for 7:30, it was a 15 minute walk and honestly, after those tattoos, I wasn’t hungry. I decided to head to the Stonewall Inn.

Once I was in the subway, I was standing next to two Asian families that were friends. I asked the one if she could take my picture under the subway sign since I was just tattooed near here. She gladly took it. After, we were all chatting and they asked if I was able to get food during my Chinatown visit. I explained what happened and they were curious about my tattoos, as were their 6 or 7 year old sons.

I pulled out my phone, showed them the photo of the two finished products. They all loved them and the one mom explained to the boys why I was wrapped up. The other mom went to school at U Penn and said, “they look awesome and I can see why you didn’t want to walk to Mott St. Our Chinatown is a bit confusing and it’s not as easy to navigate as Philadelphia’s.”

Such a nice experience on Grand St.

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2 thoughts on “I Got Inked in New York City! Daredevil Adventures | 20 August 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m all verklempt, dear friend. Now you have another inkiversary date to observe every year – 20 August – the date in 2021 when you received your compass symbol and “stay curious” message at the Daredevil Tattoo in the Big Apple. I’m so glad it was yet another positive experience for you, a courteous and understanding staff, and your artist, Adrien, who struck up a friendly conversation and did a fine job of applying the tattoos. I like the font selected for “stay curious.” Later you met a family of strangers and in no time turned them into friends who were curious about your session at the salon and agreed to snap a picture to help you mark this big event in your life. You looked great basking in the afterglow of your new tattoos and wearing your Pride rainbow skirt.

    It was a “jarring juxtaposition” to go from watching those trap rap videos to Lee Ann Womack. Like friend Shady, you have eclectic taste. I enjoyed all of the songs.

    Congratulations on a happy and successful completion of your trip to NYC, dear friend JM! Have a safe and happy week!


  2. Well I knew you got a tattoo, but the history behind the place is very cool too! What a story! I am glad they were understanding you ran late. And your outfit is just perfect! Very happy for you!


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