2 thoughts on “A Reminder…”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I like that meme, dear friend! I like everything about it – the lush color scheme, the cute little birdie on the tree branch and the important message for us all. Don’t set the “happiness bar” too high. Great expectations can lead to disappointment and depression.

    Some days are “rope-a-dope” days. As you might recall, boxing champ Muhammad Ali made that strategy famous. Wiki describes it as follows: <> I use the term in the following context. When life is “beating you up,” do the rope-a-dope. Take the blows, roll with the punches, and eventually the assault will subside. It is then that you can emerge stronger than ever and press on to victory. Therefore, bide your time, rest, gather yourself, get in touch with your inner strength, summon your resources and live to fight another day.

    The bird in the tree is neither happy, nor sad. It simply is. It is a beautiful, natural state.

    I hope the rest of your week trends onward and upward, dear friend JM!


  2. Your WordPress is not allowing bracketed text. Here is how Wiki describes “rope-a-dope”:

    “rope-a-dope” is used to describe strategies in which one contender draws non-injuring offensive punches to let the opponent tire themselves out. This gives the former the opportunity to then execute devastating offensive maneuvers to help them win.


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