Evening Swing

Last night I decided to take a walk to the playground at 8pm; I wanted to go to the swings at sun set. When I arrived, I was surprised that other people were visiting the playground this late in the evening, but I was glad to see them.

I picked out my favourite swing, put on Amazon music and pumped my legs for 20 minutes while listening to these favourites:

I plan on doing this again in an hour. I can’t wait! 😀 In the final month of summer, I’m taking advantage of the extra daylight and having fun.

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One thought on “Evening Swing”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    As long as you are in a safe neighborhood, this seems like an excellent idea. You got outdoors in the fresh air at sunset, exercised your body on the swing set, met others who had the same idea at the same time, and listened to tuneage that harks back to your younger years. I discovered Garbage several years ago. “Milk” was the introductory song in their case. I also have songs by Staind on a V/A CD. I remember Lisa Loeb, possibly as a musical guest on SNL. I enjoyed all of the songs and videos. I hope you second trip out to the swings in the park was as satisfying as your first. Soon your will need to start wearing a sweater in the evening and then a winter coat. The year is zooming by us. Halloween will soon be here. Wait until you see and hear my string of posts for H-ween season this year. I think you’ll likey.

    Have a safe and happy week, dear friend JM!


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