Atlantic City 27 July 2021

I went back to Atlantic City yesterday and I had a great time. I decided to rent an umbrella and it was an amazing investment. I didn’t get too burned and in the last hour on the beach, it was lovely sitting in the shade to dry off. Perfect view of the water and it was relaxing.

The water was still rough; not as rough as three weeks ago and fortunately, my stuff didn’t get caught in high tide! I decided to set up camp further back on the beach, just in case. A mother and her daughter had arrived, her daughter wanted to set up camp near the water and I said, “just a word of warning. Three weeks ago when I was here, the tides were high and my stuff got caught up in it. The tides are still strong.” She thanked me.

Also, the water was freezing cold and it was perfect! Yesterday was 93 degrees and that coldness just felt so refreshing. I wish I had a boogie board, but it was fun swimming in the waves.

Before I packed up for the day, this guy was walking back to the beach with French fries and seagulls were following him. I wish I had my phone out earlier, but the seagulls followed him back to his spot. The scene reminded me of something from Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Dinner at Chickie’s and Pete’s was good, but I made a reservation and they wouldn’t honour it. I had to wait in line and I was seated at 5:30 instead of 5:15. I also sat there for 20 minutes without a waiter, I said something and was told they changed shifts and the hostess ended up waiting on me. The steamed clams were delicious, I ate some of the crab nachos (I had the rest today), but it was disorganized.

I wanted to catch the 6:40 bus back to Philadelphia, but ended up catching the 7:10 bus back.  Oh well, at least I was crowned Miss America!

I had such an enjoyable and relaxing day.

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One thought on “Atlantic City 27 July 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Who knew you’d like Atlantic City so much that you made a return trip this soon! Is A.C. the new Coney Island Beach? In other words, do you think this is where you’d prefer to wade in the water of the sea from now on? Yessum, if you arrive at the beach in the morning, it’s easy to make yourself believe you wont need an umbrella, but as the sun gets higher in the sky and the long afternoon passes by, you are thankful you invested in one. As singer/songwriter Don Covay mused, “It’s better to have and don’t need, than to need and don’t have.” You also learned from your previous trip not to place your blankie too close to the tumbling tide. It was kind of you to pass along that helpful advice to strangers you met. Looks like you had a bright blue sky to work with that day, too. I’m surprised the ocean water was cold this far into the season, especially with the air temp in the 90s. Yessum, once a gull spots you with food, he summons all his buddies and they surround you and pester you for scraps until it’s all gone. One time Mrs. Shady was holding a sandwich and a bird swooped down and took it right out of her hand! 🙂

    I’m sorry to learn that your reservation was not honored at Chickie’s and Pete’s and that you received less than satisfactory service. If it is a franchise, you should contact the head office and file a complaint. A change of shifts is no excuse. It is wrong for a restaurant to make their problem the customer’s problem. At least the food look yummy. I’m verklempt knowing you had an enjoyable and relaxing day in Atlantic City. You are Miss America in my book, dear friend JM!


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