Thankful Thursday 22 July 2021

Today is the last day of Cancer Season, and we only have one more week in July. I can’t believe it. I’m ready for August, however. July, so far, has left me a lot to be grateful for.

Wow! Reddit really knows how to surprise a gal! Reddit Arbitrary Day Secret Santa did a great job, just like my Pride Santa last week. Santa’s note to me really pulled at my heartstrings.

I’m really verklempt. When I went to work on Tuesday, I asked the librarian if I could find books about calligraphy in either the adult’s or children’s section. Laura suggested the children’s first and I found a book in the writing section. I used to write calligraphy in high school, but I had calligraphy pens and I’ve never used a feather pen before. It’s also been 13 years since I last wrote in calligraphy and I need a refresher. I’m grateful that the library had books and I’m grateful that Laura helped me.

For the past few days, haze from the Western wildfires have extended not only into Canada, but the Midwest and the East Coast. The skies have looked like something from a horror movie. It broke today and the weather cooled. It went up to 79 today, will drop to 63 tonight, and we’ll have a few days of reprieve before the temps shoot up again. Thankful for the beautiful weather and easier breathing today.

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you grateful for today?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 22 July 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I was just reminding you in my comment on your Chester post that every day of the year can be a reason to mourn or to celebrate. I am very happy to know that good things have been happening in your world and your spirits are on the upswing. Savor these happy moments. Become anchored to them. Learn to appreciate the sad and depressing times, too, because suffering gives us strength and allows us to gain insight.

    I am thrilled that your Reddit Arbitrary Day Secret Santa gifted you a G-F and D-F cookbook! That’s something you will surely use often. Santa’s right. Knowing you, your wish list is like no other. I am happy to learn how helpful Laura the librarian was to you.

    Earlier today, I watched a Keith Olbermann video with New York’s Central Park in the background. A smoky haze hung in the air. Olbermann said the air quality was very poor in NYC and caused coughing and throat irritation within minutes if people stepped outdoors. I’m happy to know the foul air has cleared in Eastern PA.

    Hard to believe, but summer’s on the run up your way. Beginning next month, you will notice a chill in the air after sundown. Soon you will be hitting the ice rink again. The seasons and the years pass quickly. Those are lovely white roses and yellow sunflowers. Always make time to stop and smell them, appreciate their beauty and give thanks.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend, dear friend JM!


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