Atlantic City | 5 July 2021

Last Monday I took a day trip to Atlantic City. I was off from both jobs and I decided to take an impromptu beach trip for my birthday. The weather was a beautiful 79 degrees, full sun. However, the waves were really rough. I enjoyed them, however.

I met some young ladies and hung out with them for a little bit. They poured me some champagne and toasted the 4th of July and my birthday. They invited me to the Tropicana’s pool, but I decided to stay beach side. It was nice chatting and sitting with them for an hour.

I also had joy chatting with the lifeguards. They agreed to a selfie and I had my eyes closed because the one behind me said something funny and I was laughing when I took the photo.

When I went to get changed, I decided to leave my stuff on the beach. I wanted to come back to take some photos. Well, after I got changed, I decided to try my luck on a slot machine. I tried two penny machines, put $2 in and didn’t win. I don’t gamble, $2 was enough and I walked away. I wasn’t impressed.

I went back to the beach and the tide had risen so much that half of my beach blanket and one of my towels was soaking went. I had to move my set-up back. I was a good 3 feet away in the morning and by 4pm the tide had risen that much. Fortunately, the waves didn’t take my stuff back into the water and fortunately my camera was okay.

Before: earlier in the morning
After: high tide

I took a few photos in the rising water, packed up my stuff and went into the Tropicana to charge my phone before having dinner at Rain Forest Cafe. Charged my phone for the hour, then had a nice gluten-free dinner.

Atlantic City is always a fun time and last Monday I made some wonderful memories.

Last Tuesday I had to take a photo of the beach-wrecked blanket and towels. It looked like I brought home a good portion of Atlantic City.

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One thought on “Atlantic City | 5 July 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I was happy to read your report and see vids and pictures taken during your birthday trip to Atlantic City, dear friend! You were brave to wade out into that rough surf. Those waves came crashing in on you with great force. I am delighted to see pics of the young women who spent time chatting with you, toasting you and wishing you a happy birthday, and the lifeguards who made you giggle. It’s a good thing you returned to your blanket before it washed out to sea along with your other items. I’m happy that the weather was ideal for a day at the beach and that you topped it off with a nice GF dinner. You returned home with many happy memories generated during your 2021 birthday visit to Atlantic City. I am verklempt.

    To sum it up, when you are vacationing alone you can literally and figuratively “ride with the tide” as you did. There are no set schedules to follow unless you want to, nobody else dictating where you will go, what you will do and how you will spend your time. You can do whatever you please whenever you please. I love such occasions. As I mentioned before, some of the best times I ever had were spent alone, like the time circa 1984 that I went alone to Ocean City, MD, and stayed at a motel for a weekend. The place offered views of the ocean side beach and of the inlet. I had a fabulous time.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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