Philadelphia Orchestra

After roller skating, Wawa’s Welcome America was hosting a free concert. The Philadelphia Orchestra was performing! The jazz singer was amazing!

I sat next to this one woman and we struck up a conversation. She was happy I was still wearing my mask; she was continuing the mask wearing especially now with the Delta variant. I told her I’m fully vaxxed, but I am not going to take my mask off when near a crowd of people. She was in the same boat.

It was wonderful to enjoy the show with my new acquaintance. We discussed philosophy, religion, and classical music.

It felt great seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra again!

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One thought on “Philadelphia Orchestra”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I saw your post late last night, but chose to get some sleep before visiting. The jazz singer fronting The Philadelphia Orchestra at that concert is giving me a pleasant wake-up this morning. After hearing her sing, I was going to write that she sounds like Etta James. Now that I have looked at the picture you had taken with her, I think she also looks a lot like Etta. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. I admire you and the friendly woman who sat next to you for masking up. With the variant going around, it’s not going to kill us to wear a mask a while longer, but it might kill us if we don’t. I’m glad you had fun attending the show offered by The Philadelphia Orchestra. You are proving that you can resume the pre-pandemic activities you love and have a great time while taking common sense precautions.

    Enjoy and have a TT, dear friend JM!


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