Your Disco Needs You

On Friday, I went to the Blue Cross River Rink and decided to have my own person roller disco. I put on Amazon’s Disco playlist and to my liking, the playlist played a lot of Donna Summer. Here I am skating to “On The Radio,” which then turned into “Hot Stuff.”

I also found that Andrei Cerbu and Shut Up and Kiss Me made a cover of “Hot Stuff.” I loved their rendition!

“I Will Survive” was also a cover:

I will have to see if Millennium Roller Rink offers a disco night. It was fun grooving to the music and I’ve always wanted to roller disco. Looking at the video, I do like the song that was playing. I like Dua Lipa.

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One thought on “Your Disco Needs You”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Sorry I’m late, dear friend. I was up fairly late last night and could have sworn that you didn’t have a new post running by the time I turned in. Same thing when I arose this morning – no new post. Somehow your blog isn’t updating in my reading list as quickly as other blogs. I just now discovered this post while over doing some reading on my old blog.

    I’m glad you are enjoying the roller skating season at River Rink. I can tell it was great fun to stage your own personal roller disco party circling the rink to the sounds of Donna Summer and other disco artists. I am also delighted that I turned you on to the talented gang over at Andrei Cerbu’s Garage in Romania. The versatile Andreea Munteanu has her own channel where she covers pop and disco hits, plus she recently returned as frontwoman of the reinvented/reimagined Iron Cross, Andrei’s classic hard rock band. Exciting music is coming out of Jassy, Romania!

    Dua Lipa has been active since 2014, and yet I discovered her only a couple of weeks ago. I have already added a few of her songs to my drafts of future posts.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, dear friend JM!


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