Pride Story Time | 26 June 2021

A few weeks ago, mom mentioned that she saw the library was having a Pride story time for children. That piqued my interest and I asked Laura if I could attend. It would be no problem, so I marked my calendar for 26 June.

26 June came and I was cat sitting for Terry. I was walking to the library (5 minute walk) and I was wearing my Pride skirt. A lady walking warned me about the protesters, I explained to her the last time there was a protest in the city, and she recommended the back route. I took her advice. There’s no room for hate in this world.

I’m thankful for that recommendation, by taking the back way and avoiding the protesters, I went into the reading with a peaceful state of mind. Parker, a recent high school graduate, set up this event and day. He read two stories and did a wonderful job reading to the children. One of the books about a transgendered child taught the young ones, “we are who we are and we should be proud of who we are.” That was a verklempt moment. We are who we are and we should find pride in ourselves.

Lucy, a lovely Queen, read Pride 1,2,3 and I think I might have met them at Pride 2019. Lucy did a great job too. They explained some of the parade to the children and also what it means to be an ally.

Parker and the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) set up a Pride path around the playground. People could walk around and read about all the different identities.

Representation matters. โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค๐ŸคŽ๐Ÿค

So thankful for this path that explained every identity. The more we know, the more accepting we can be of others.

I was so happy to see the ace and demi signs. It took me a long time to accept myself and be proud of who I am. We are who we are and being proud is beautiful.

I talked to Parker and thanked him for doing what he did. A recent high school graduate and already making an imprint on the world.

When I left, I took the backway again and the protesters were still protesting. What sad lives these bigots must live to protest those who are happy with who they are. Then again, what sad lives racists must live too. I thought about the hatred not only for the LGBT, but the aphobia against aces and aros. I survived violence due to aphobia. My eyes teared a little and I shook my head, “no, these protesters will not win! Love is love and life is too short for nothing but love!”

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One thought on “Pride Story Time | 26 June 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for showing and telling us about the library’s Pride story time for children event. It saddens me to learn that you and probably many others who attended needed to take an alternate route to avoid hyena protesters who are determined to make you wrong. I’m sure the children enjoyed and got tremendous value from the program presented by Parker and Lucy. I wish I had been there to walk the Pride Path and educate myself about the many and diverse sexual identities. I have much to learn, and reading those boards would have enlightened me. I’m sure it served that purpose for the children in attendance as well as their parents.

    I can’t help thinking about a mixed group of toddlers, young children of different races and colors, playing together in a sandbox. They play nice. Children are not born to hate. They learn to hate. They are taught to hate. Hopefully the ripple effect of events like this one will help turn the tide and steer us in the right direction.

    Have a safe and happy week, dear friend JM!


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