Spring Shabbat with RSJ Philly | 4 June 2021

For Friday’s Shabbat, we ate sea bass with asparagus and I brought gluten-free challah. I love the RSJ Group and their new resident is from Sheepshead Bay, which is near Brighton Beach. I mentioned I was going there this summer (still have to make reservations) and we chatted. She was really nice.

Also met David, a musician originally from the Ukraine. He’s a copywriter that travels the world. So, I spent a lot of time chatting with him. David is also a musician and he performed a Russian song for us. He called it, “Little Worm Vasily.” I would love to learn Russian some day; I might have to ask him to teach me.

I was so happy that my group agreed to a Shabbat selfie for the Happiness Box. I’m getting it printed for my Happiness Box, but I’m thinking about ordering a copy for framed collage I’m making for my room.

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One thought on “Spring Shabbat with RSJ Philly | 4 June 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    We have Bonefish Grill restaurants around our region, and Mrs. Shady and I love to dine on their sea bass entree which, I believe, is served with asparagus and rice Pilaf. I’m happy that you met a new friend in the RSJ Group who happens to come from the Brighton Beach area, giving her and you something in common and much to talk about. I enjoyed the song performed by singer and guitarist David, your new friend from the Ukraine. It would be so cool if he taught you to speak Russian and perhaps sing Russian songs with him I must say that this group picture is one of the best you’ve ever posted. Everybody looks happy and is posed perfectly, another great moment of celebration as people once again gather in fellowship without the need for masks and distancing. The picture is a keeper and I can understand why you want to have it framed.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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