Philadelphia with Mom | 30 May 2021

On Sunday, mom and I ventured into Philadelphia to go to the Franklin Institute. I treated her to IDEAWorks, which runs until the end of July. Mom and I had fun trying the different activities.

After IDEAWorks, we bonded in the Planetarium with the Astral Almanac show, and ended our day with Adam and Fox’s demonstration.

We took Lyft to Chinatown, as it was a rainy and miserable day. 49 degrees too. Before we went into Pho Cali, we took a selfie in front of the Arch and also under the beautiful flag: “Love, Chinatown.” We love Chinatown.

Mom’s first time eating pho and she absolutely loved it! We can’t wait to visit again.

We ended our day at the Reading Terminal Market, where we did some shopping. I saw all the foreigners take photos, so I decided to take photos of the Reading Terminal Market as well.

We had such a fun day and we can’t wait to do this again in the autumn. Philadelphia is a very hot city, so once it’s cool again, we’ll go.

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One thought on “Philadelphia with Mom | 30 May 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m all verklempt, dear friend! It does my heart good to look at these pictures of you and your mom out and about with smiles on your faces at all of those places in Philly. I remember posts you ran in years past after attending IDEAWorks at Franklin Institute. Down here in the Tampa area we have M.O.S.I. – the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s a popular place for families to visit, both fun and educational. I visited planetariums when I was in scouting, possibly the one you and you mom went to for the Astral Almanac show. I’m thrilled that you and your mom both love Chinatown and that she enjoyed her first time eating pho. Mrs. Shady would go wild at Reading Terminal Market. It’s her kinda place, and there would be a ZERO percent chance that she’d leave the place empty handed. It’s also great news that Kamal’s, your favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, now offers G-F choices on the menu.

    So many smiles and so much bonding! The success of this outing bodes well for more mother-daughter trips to the big city and more happy times to come.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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