Travel Update

Well, I did some research on Grenada. I am a solo traveler and I have to travel to relatively safe places. Grenada is safe, although I am alert and keep my eye on everything.

One friend told me to check the travel advisories on the State Department’s website. I did and Grenada is marked at a 2: be on alert for COVID-19. I was curious about other countries and almost every other country was rated as a 4: DO NOT TRAVEL because of COVID-19. Even the Grenadines and other Caribbean Islands were a 4. Only Israel and Grenada were 2s.

So, I decided that I will wait. My passport is good until 2026 and I have time. I’ll plan something for when COVID-19 is a memory and I will use this time to my advantage: I want to pay off more debt. When I’m able to travel again, I’ll have more of a peace of mind.

I’m disappointed, but I can go to Brighton Beach. I love Brighton Beach and I can have just as much fun as I would have in Grenada. It’ll be a wonderful summer, even though it’ll still be different than normal.

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One thought on “Travel Update”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Good thinking, dear friend! Seems to me you can do most or all of the things you were planning to do on Grenada much closer to home over at Coney Island and without all that travel time. It would be terrible to travel all that distance only to be confined to quarters because of COVID concerns. I hope there comes a time when the pandemic is merely a memory rather than a daily fact of life. We aren’t there yet, and without everyone’s cooperation we won’t get there any time soon. Skepticism and misinformation are a worse plague than the virus these days.

    Your plans to keep paying off debt show common sense, discipline and maturity on your part. You will thank yourself many times for ridding yourself of debt.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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