Thankful Thursday 29 April 2021

The last Thursday in April. Can you believe it?! This year truly is flying by…

…with that said, I have a lot to be grateful for on this last Thursday in April. I’m so thankful for Tribe12. I’m thankful that they’ve welcomed me and include me in events.

On Sunday evening, we gathered on Zoom for a pre-Oscars party, a red carpet event. Then when the Oscars started, we moved over to Discard. It was a fun evening. On Saturday evening, they’re having a Zoom campfire and tomorrow they’re giving me a goodie bag for Saturday evening. I’m grateful for this.

I love my book discussion group and it feels so great to converse not only with others my age, but some others that are converting as well. It makes me feel less alone and the book we are reading speaks to my soul.

I’m thankful for my synagogue. I’m still waiting for the Rabbi to get back to me, but April (and May) has been filled with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Shivas. I was feeling depressed on Sunday, I have SAD, but I have summer SAD. When the days get longer and warmer, my mental health takes a nose dive. I’m more of a winter gal. I love shorter and colder days – I can do more, where in the summer I have to hibernate.

I’m also loved. I love myself; I have a Rabbi and religious community who loves me too. Saturday started the mental health nose dive and I decided to turn my camera off during the service. One of the congregants sent me a private message and asked if I was okay. I am loved. I also have the love of friends and family. That is enough. ❤

What are you thankful for today?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 29 April 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy Thankful Thursday – the last Thursday in April, dear friend! I’m delighted to read about all the activities you are taking part in with your Tribe. Thanks to Zoom, millions who are primarily housebound and sidelined by the pandemic are able to participate in family get-togethers, business meetings, seminars, worship and prayer gatherings and other special events, and do so from the comfort and safety of their homes. I’m happy that you are getting lots of satisfaction from your book discussion group and from reading the book upon which the group is currently focused. You and I both experience SAD with the approach of summer. Summertime in Florida is an endurance test and the threat of hurricanes is constantly hanging over us. Yessum, wellness begins with a genuine love of self. Love yourself and love others and it will come back to you. You are seeing evidence of that in your relationship with the Rabbi, other congregants, friends and family. I am verklempt.

    Once again, happy TT, and have a wonderful Friday and weekend, dear friend JM!


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