Passover 2021 (So Far)

I debated posting this, but I decided that I would. All of these positive events are filling my Happiness Box and I want to share them with you, dear readers.

Passover has been amazing so far! On Friday I picked up my tallit.  The afternoon spent with Kristen at the NMAJH was so much fun trying on different tallitot. Kristen handed me a few different styles and colours, but I fell in love with the first tallit she handed me.

I think it was meant to be because the bag and kippah for the tallit was on top. Kristen even exclaimed, “in all of my years working here, the bag and kippah corresponding with the tallit are never on top! I have to dig!” It was meant to be. 

I also picked up my first Seder plate, which Mallory and the Grad Network gave me. I ended up going to Hymie’s on Saturday and it was super crowded. I bought a pound of brisket, a half a pound of chopped liver, and a pound of charoset. I have to figure out how I’m going to have the chopped liver. I think I just ate it without anything at Hungry Pigeon. I’m excited to try Hymie’s.

Sunday night’s Seder with my Synagogue was beautiful! At the start of the Seder, the Rabbi asked what I’m grateful for. I said friends and family of course. I added, “I’m also grateful for you Rabbi, and this Congregation and being welcomed.” He was so verklempt and replied, “likewise, Jessica Marie. We are so glad to welcome you and you are such a joy to us all!” I’m verklempt at this point too. Rabbi was amazed with my participation on Sunday tonight and he thanked me all the events I’ve attended too. I feel so good and I am so grateful for everything. My congregation also agreed to a Passover Seder photo and I have to print it out for my Happiness Box. I inspired some other family to ask for one too.

Happy Passover, dear readers. I hope that you all have a lovely Spring ahead, and a lovely whatever holiday you celebrate!

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

2 thoughts on “Passover 2021 (So Far)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Why would you debate posting this, dear friend? I’m totally verklempt after reading about all of your positive experiences over the weekend! I love the pictures of you wearing the tallit. It looks super sharp on you, not that you were taking part in a fashion show, but just saying… It indeed seems tailor made just for you. in your words, “It was meant to be.” You picked up quite a haul of food at the market. It looks and “sounds” delicious – nourishment for the body to go along with the nourishment of your soul as you continue your journey as part of the congregation at the Synagogue. It must have warmed you through an through to hear the Rabbi say that you are welcome there and a joy to all. When I read that, the waterworks started.

    Your Happiness Box runneth over, and that makes me happy, too! Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi dear friend,

      I am looking for a new job and put my blog on my resume. Sometimes I’m nervous about chatting about my spiritual journey.

      I have decided that I am going to keep writing and posting about my spiritual journey. This is who I am and if people don’t like it, they can either unfollow me or keep scrolling. They don’t have to announce it, or bully me, and I don’t have to get offended. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that is okay.

      I’m looking for a new job. After last Friday’s being screamed at for not finishing 600 lines of names, DOBs, claim numbers, ID numbers, and service dates, I now have no work. Grace sent around an e-mail to us about more training for busy work. I currently have no work. This job sucks and it’s time I honour myself and get a better one. Anywho, I do blog about my journey, and I am not going to hide who I am for the sake of a job either.


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