On Saturday I decided to go on a scavenger hunt on, following Scavenger Stories. There is an illustration with a QR code in different spots in the city. I decided to start at Rittenhouse Square. Unfortunately, someone took that image off the newspaper stand.

It wasn’t all in vain, however! The Dream Poet was at Rittenhouse Square Park and I had to see him. He wrote me a poem and then we chatted for a bit. I’m going to write a book about the Happiness Box Project and I was thinking about querying a traditional publisher to publish the book (once it’s ready).

I’ve self-published 6 books and I thought that I would try something else. I checked out a book from the library and it seems like self-publishing is the way to go and there is no shame in it now like there once was. Traditional publishers are dying out. I asked Marshall, aka the Dream Poet, who published his chapbook. He works for a printing press and they did it for him. We chatted about publishing and he recommended that I enter a few contests once it is done and see if I can win a publication contract. Might be worth a shot. NaPoWriMo is next month and I might do that for my poetry (and maybe include last year’s NaPoWriMo entries).

After our selfie, I walked through Rittenhouse Square Park, watched a magician for a bit and continued on my merry way to continue the scavenger hunt. I walked from 18th and Rittenhouse Square, found an image on Broad and Lombard, and read the story. I continued on to South Street and enjoyed the scenery while I walked. Took some photos, then found the one by Tattooed Mom (restaurant), and continued to where Jon’s used to be. Unfortunately, someone took that image down as well.

I visited Crash Bang Boom, it was my first time back in 13 months. It felt great to catch up with the owners. Made my way back to 20th and Pine, on the way I found the last image at Giovanni’s Room on 12th and Quince. I realized I forgot to look for one other, but I think that was located near Old City on Pine Street. Next weekend. I found 3/5 images I was looking for (two weren’t my fault) and walked 6 miles. It was a great day! I’m going to write a story for Scavenger Stories.

Also, here is the Dream Poet:

I had dinner at Bad Brother and it felt good to sit down. I’m connected to a foul farmer that supplies most of the poultry to the restaurants in Philadelphia. I met the owner of Bad Brother through Earl and since Bad Brother is a new, smaller restaurant, it has a homely feel to it. Everyone was happy to see me. I ordered chicken and an endive salad. Since it’s farm to table, I can customize my food. I absolutely love Bad Brother.

My waiter was bummed that I had to leave after an hour, he was hoping I’d hang out later like last time, but I had to go home to make my bed. Oh well. Next time!

I had a lovely Shabbat afternoon and post-Shabbat evening!

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

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  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    The idea of going on a scavenger hunt has always appealed to me. Thanks for telling about your adventure following Scavenger Stories through Philly. Right off the bat the hunt brought you in contact with The Dream Poet. Marshall penned a poem on the spot just for you. A book about your HBP sounds very exciting. Imagine expanding your reach and inspiring countless others to participate in this method of preserving memories. Nice pictures! Best of luck entering those contests in hopes of winning a publication contract. Your journey continued as you wound your way through the streets of the city and visited punk-rock outfitters Crash Bang Boom. A six mile walk on a bright, sunny day was surely good for you, body and soul. Wow – the “dream weaver” banged out quite a poem about seeing with our “third eye.” I love it!

    Have a happy day, dear friend JM!


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