The Angelo Pizza

On Sunday, I went to The Angelo Pizza since he added “The Jessica” to his menu and the Island podcast paid for my gluten-free pizza. I totally forgot when I walked in, I was having a bad anxiety day (so much so I forgot my ice skates, and the rink let me rent a pair free of charge since I’m a regular and they were sold out of tickets for the day, to issue me a new one with paid skates) and then I remembered.

Angelo’s dad or grandfather saw me sitting in the corner waiting for my pizza and we began to talk. I mentioned the free pizza to him and showed him the DM between the podcast and me. He talked to Angelo and Angelo talked to me. Angelo is 24 years old, this is his first business. He took care of it and was very friendly about it, so much so we talked for a few more minutes.

Oh my! His pizza is to die for! This had to be the best gluten-free pizza I had. I ate 8 slices of it, took the last two home for lunch yesterday. Heated up nicely too. When I was walking towards the bus, I saw Angelo again, he asked me what I thought and I have a new after-skate shop! He noticed I didn’t order it with cheese and he asked if I had a problem with dairy. I do, except I can tolerate lamb and goat cheeses like Locatelli or Pecorino. He said, “I’ll remember that for your pizza the next time. I have that on hand!” Super nice and I feel super grateful. It was a Happiness Box Project moment on Sunday.

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One thought on “The Angelo Pizza”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    As transplants from up north in your region, Mrs. Shady and I are always complaining that we can’t find shops down here in Florida that serve really great pizza, not like the pies you can get in Philadelphia. I looked on the map. The Angelo Pizza is only a couple of blocks from River Rink. I’m thrilled that you found an after skating eatery, one with super friendly and helpful staff that caters to your special needs. I love pizza and I’m sure I could have eaten seven or more slices at Angelo’s.

    I am also happy to learn that the folks at the rink were friendly and cooperative. All in all, Sunday offered quite a few Happiness Box Project moments.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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