Our Day in Philadelphia | 16 November 2020

On Monday I had a day off from work to take dad to Philadelphia. Since he turned 65, he was eligible to get a pass from SEPTA to ride buses, trolleys, and subways for free; the regional rail for $1.

We arrived in the city at 10:30 am, went to SEPTA’s headquarters, marveled at the museum, waited in line, and at 11:15, dad had his new SEPTA pass. I’m hoping he can join me for some adventures and he already wants to do some things.

After, I made reservations for Red Owl Tavern at noon, so dad and I walked down to Independence Mall, then South Street and went to Repo Records. Dad has never been in Repo Records before, but he saw some vinyl albums he used to have. I’m thinking for the holidays, I’m going to get him a vinyl album or two. Dad enjoyed the store.

Ah, lunch at Red Owl Tavern. I haven’t been there since January and they didn’t get any gluten-free bread in, but they put my chicken on a lettuce bun. As dad and I were talking, the bartender started talking to me. He asked if I ever been to Red Owl before, I’ve been coming for five years, but it was dad’s first time. I told him the last time I was in, it was for National Hot Toddy Day in January and he made me an alcohol free one since I don’t drink. So, this kind bartender gave me a free non-alcoholic hot Toddy and then chatted me up the entire time. He told us he was worried about the new policies because he came back to work three months ago after 6 months off. He was worried about another 6 weeks.

After we left Philadelphia, the mayor put a kabosh on indoor dining, museums, gyms, and large gatherings until after the holidays. Outdoor ice skating is still a go and most outdoor dining will be too. I love the cold, so I plan on eating outside after I’m done skating. I want to help support businesses during this. I also plan on buying gift cards and I hope others will too. I hope we can come together during all this. I hope everything reopens on 2 January 2021.

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One thought on “Our Day in Philadelphia | 16 November 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy birthday to your dad! It’s exciting news that he has turned 65 and is now eligible to take free rides on public transit. That means there is great potential for father – daughter day trips into Philly where there is always lots to see and do. I see you spent much of Monday retracing your steps from previous visits to the city. I know you like to visit the I-mall, South Street and Repo Records. if you want to make your dad happy, make sure he is equipped with a good turntable and go ahead and buy him some vintage albums that he used to own and love. He will be overjoyed. In the 21st century vinyl has been making a big and quite unexpected comeback. I also know you love to dine at the Red Owl Tavern. Once again you encountered super friendly and generous staff. It was nice of the bartender to make you a free non-alcoholic hot Toddy and spend time chatting with you and your dad. Your meals and drinks look delicious. I never tried dining outdoors up north in late fall, but I applaud your willingness to try it and help support restaurants that are struggling through the COVID crisis. Thank goodness you will still be able to have fun on the skating rink.

    I wish you a happy and Thankful Thursday at the office tomorrow, dear friend JM. Keep safe and play Shady tunes!


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