Thankful for Barra Rossa

I realized I didn’t post photos of my meal from Barra Rossa. I want to extend gratitude to Barra Rossa for making my self-care dinner so special. The waiter made sure I had gluten-free bread and this is one of the few restaurants that offer gluten-free bread included with the meal without extra cost. My waiter was great and took some awesome photos of me too.

After I got my orbital/conch done, John recommended getting a paper clip and keep the straps of my mask away from the healing piercing. He does it anyway for his regular piercings and he asked me if the strap often bothered the healing ones. Yes, but I never thought of the paper clip. Anyway, before I paid my bill, I asked my waiter if they had a paperclip that they could spare. I explained the situation, he understood and gave me a paperclip. Extremely grateful.

The paper clip works wonders! Even when this conch is healed, I’ll continue to do this, as not to irritate my other piercings. 🙂 I’m glad I found Barra Rossa after I was first diagnosed, they’ve been my go-to for three years now. Great place and great people!

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One thought on “Thankful for Barra Rossa”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for telling us about your self-care gluten free meal at Barra Rossa. The pics of the food make my mouth water. Seems like the staff went out of their way to serve and accommodate you – even digging around for a paperclip you needed – the mark of a class establishment. It was nice of your piercing stylist John to recommend that you use a paperclip to avoid irritating the site. I’m glad it works.

    It’s great to experience these happy events with you, JM. Thanks for bringing us up to date. Stay safe at work tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your week!


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