Learning Through Error | Halloween Treat Edition

Most things translate well into gluten-free, but some things don’t. Two years ago I bought a Halloween recipe magazine and while they’re gluten-full recipes, many I can make gluten-free. Here is what I was going to make tonight:

 The GF cornbread didn’t quite work because it fell apart when I tried hallowing it. The chili I bought had gluten in it, so I used chipped beef that I flavoured like chili.

Wasn’t bad, but next time I’m going to make just a cornbread coffin that I won’t fill and the content will be outside. The ghosts can float over a GF chili bog to the coffin. Hey, I’m learning and we all learn through error, that’s how we grow. Ghosts didn’t quite turn out, but they were delicious.

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One thought on “Learning Through Error | Halloween Treat Edition”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Those GF Halloween treats you made are creepy and yet they look delicious. My mouth is watering. I don’t know if I could eat something that came out of a coffin, and I am spooked at the thought of ghosts floating across a chili bog, but I’d be willing to try any and all of those foods. I just thought of a creepy sight gag and pun you could try. Make the cornbread coffin, place a layer of green peas in the bottom and have the lid read: “Rest in Peas.” 🙂 You likey? I hope you find more H-ween recipes to convert into ghoulish GF meals.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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