Thankful Thursday 1 October 2020

Happy 1st October! It’s officially spooky season!

Since it’s officially Spooky Season, Philadelphia is holding socially distant Halloween parties. On Sunday before Yom Kippur, Moishe House sent around an e-mail about Shabbat events in October. They all had RSVP’s on Facebook. I haven’t had Facebook for a few years, so I e-mailed them.

I heard nothing, so I attempted to bring back Wesley’s profile, nothing. It was deleted and I could only get it back if friends verified. My friends couldn’t. I tried creating my own profile just to RSVP to Moishe House events, and I got a message saying Facebook couldn’t verify my identity. I didn’t want to rejoin anyway, so I let it go and I e-mailed my friend instead. He helps with the events and unfortunately, the Halloween party sold out on the 16th, but I am scheduled to go to the Sukkot (end) dinner on the 9th. I am grateful Jonathon reached out to me and set me up for one of the events. Even though I am disappointed about the Halloween party, at least I am going to one and that’s better than nothing.

I am going to two other Halloween parties in Philadelphia at the end of the month instead. I ordered my Halloween costume last night, I’m going to be Harley Quinn. Mom recommended and I found the costume there. I’m thankful mom suggested that website.

I’m thankful for Ms. Ernestine, she made me this lovely gift – she had it at her desk since last week, since her office day is on Friday and mine is on Thursday, so today I picked it up. She knows I love the Peyton Heart Project and I’m just very verklempt.

I forgot to post the photo of the gift from the Jewish Federation, so here it is. I’m still very thankful.

I’m also thankful for the changing leaves and it’s getting cooler too. I love this time of year.

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you thankful for?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 1 October 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I am thankful that you posted these marvelous pictures of Halloween decorations going up in your neighborhood and of the glorious fall leaves. What a wonderful sight for Florida bound Shady to see. Thank you!

    I’m sorry you couldn’t get booked for all the October events you had hoped to attend, but at least you can look forward to going to the Sukkot dinner a week from now plus two Halloween parties late in the month. I can’t wait to see you in your Harley Quinn costume. Praise be to Ms. Ernestine for gifting you and rendering you verklempt with gratitude. The mask sent to you from the Jewish Federation should remind you to keep practicing safety measures. President Trump and the First Lady have both tested positive for coronavirus, so clearly we are not out of the woods yet, and health officials warn of a double whammy during flu season – a “twindemic” – so get your flu shot.

    Thank you again for the colorful pictures of changing leaves and Jack-o’-lanterns in your area. Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


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