Thankful Thursday 17 September 2020

I’m still on cloud-9 about becoming a mod on Reddit. I made one post today before I started at the office, it received 3 upvotes, and I’m hoping to build community engagement. This will be a learning curve. I shared the news with my friends and work friends; they all congratulated me and they’re so happy for me. I feel grateful.

I said this to Kathleen this morning, “I have to start drafting my newsletter (I’ve been lazy for the past month, LOL!) and I’ll mention it there too. 😊 I was looking at Reddit, Inc. and they actually employ people. Maybe if moderating goes well and once I get some other experience up my sleeve, maybe Reddit, Inc. could be a possibility. One can only dream! 😉 LOL!”

She replied, “A future with Reddit, Inc. Sounds like a great dream!” So grateful for the support too.

Tomorrow at sunset Rosh Hashanah begins. I didn’t get the brisket at Trader Joe’s last week (Sunday) because I thought $35 for 3.5 pounds was a lot. I thought I’d look at Wegman’s, but Wegman’s didn’t have it. After the office, I went to Giant and they had it. They only had 5 lbs for $42. I asked some people if I could substitute something else for brisket, and someone recommended seeing the butcher. Sadly, the butcher doesn’t work on Thursdays.

I decided I would go with the 5 lbs. I’m going to Trader Joe’s on Saturday, but I didn’t want to risk it being out. Giant was cheaper anyway… it was $7.50/lb instead of $11/lb and while it’s two pounds more, I can freeze it. I was chatting with an older woman about this and she smiled, “yes, freezing would be your best bet.” I explained this was my first Rosh Hashana that I was cooking for, she was also going to be celebrating, she smiled and wished me well. A few men who recommended me going to the butcher wished me well with my cooking endeavor. So thankful for the kindness.

I can’t wait to cook this in the crock pot. This will be my first time cooking brisket as well. I’m thinking of using this recipe:

I’m thankful for my friends and family as well. I’m also thankful that the days are getting cooler and shorter. Some of the leaves began to change as well!

What are you thankful for today?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 17 September 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Congratulations on joining the Reddit community as a moderator! I’m happy to know readers are responding. Apply yourself and this opportunity might lead to bigger and better things. I remember Giant markets from when I lived up in your area. I don’t see them down here. I hope your crock pot cooked brisket turns out splendidly for Rosh Hashanah.

    Thanks for showing me more of your autumn splendor. I’ll take all you care to share in the weeks ahead. It is still a steam bath down here with much of our property under water due to daily heavy rains, a wet streak that began around the start of July. Mercifully we have not yet been in the path of a tropical storm or hurricane, but this active season is being compared to the 2005 season when a hurricane brought trees down on our roof.

    I am thankful that I decided to continue blogging even though Blogger has now discontinued the Legacy interface that millions of us have used and loved for many years. Composing my posts will be more challenging and time consuming from now on because Blogger did not include on the new interface a key feature that was available with Legacy. Knowing this change was coming, I have entertained the idea of quitting blogging altogether. I finally concluded that, if I am going to keep doing this, I will need to become more careful about how I invest my time. After all, I am approaching age 71. When you get to be my age you will understand that time is more precious than ever. No longer am I willing to waste it on low yield or no yield pursuits. It might mean spending fewer days per week making the rounds of the blog circuit. It might mean spending what precious time I do have servicing “paying” clients, those who take a genuine interest in my posts, leave intelligently written comments that stay on topic, address specific details of the content and move the discussion forward. It might mean spending less time with people who show little or no genuine interest in what I am doing. My policy is this. If a particular topic is of interest to a friend then, I make it my business to get interested in that topic. I came to realize a long time ago that to have friends you need to be a friend. Friendship is not a one-way street. It is a two-way partnership, a commitment. I need to be willing to give as much as I receive. By the same token I need to stop giving ten times more than I am receiving. If I consistently give my best to a friend and he or she does not consistently reciprocate, then it is time for me to reexamine the value of that relationship. When you are in your 70s, this is the type of hard decision that you don’t want to make but need to make.

    I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


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