Horror Sideshow Market | 5 September 2020

Yesterday I took a trip to Allentown to go to the Horror Sideshow Flea Market. Anna and Alli had a stand set up and I went to help/support. Unfortunately, Anna couldn’t travel up from South Carolina because of COVID-19 restrictions; her grandmother is also very ill and she started school again. Both Alli and I took plenty of pictures to send her. Alli was so happy I made it; it was nice spending time with her and her boyfriend, Matt.

We made a few sales! It was fun drawing people in and trying to sell them some art work. We also asked for suggestions for pieces they would like to see – Anna is doing a women in horror series and we were polling people who were visiting, The suggestions were all over the place and I can’t wait to see what Anna draws next.

I walked around for a bit and took photos. I met Countess Camille and Randu, who was selling happy/positivity artwork and t-shirts. His illustrations drew me in. I also met an indie film group and a puppeteer. We were talking about the business and he said, “if you’re interested in learning puppetry, I’m training and looking for someone to join me at shows.” We exchanged Instagram usernames, and as cool as it sounds (and the extra money sounds nice), I’m not sure. It would be fun, but right now I’m not sure about the commitment. 
I left at 2 and before I left, Alli gave me a shirt. She asked me if I was going to still buy one and I was honest with her, “I love Anna’s art work, but I will order it online. Since I was furloughed from my library job, I’m only working with one paycheck and I get paid next week. I’m hoping to go back soon.” She understood and before I left she just said, “Anna and I want to thank you for always coming out and supporting us.” and handed me a shirt. I’m extremely grateful.

I left Allentown at 3:30. I was glad I could change my ticket because I was set to leave at 7:30. Most of the restaurants on Hamilton St. were closed; most businesses close for the weekend since quarantine and don’t open until the weekday, when businesses are open. 

Frutta Bowls was opened; I had Frutta Bowls in Belmar before my tattoo and I knew they had gluten and dairy free things. Breakfast and a late lunch. A fig brie gluten free sandwich and butternut squash soup was what was needed after standing 4 hours on my feet.

I don’t like WordPress’s new layout. Here’s the photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pVp6utXWCvt4Ge1W8

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2 thoughts on “Horror Sideshow Market | 5 September 2020”

  1. Looks like fun.

    I’ve never been to Allentown. Actually my experience in northeast PA (by which I mean anything north of Philly) is quite limited: years of driving through it with an occasional stop for lunch. I know the Billy Joel song, of course, though that is rather dated at this point.


  2. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I have fond memories of you going to the Horror Sideshow Flea Market last year (I think it was). I’m sorry that COVID prevented Anna from traveling to Allentown and participating with you and Alli this year. I wish I had been there. The weather looked gorgeous and the slideshow revealed much to see, discuss and purchase. I am a horror fanatic and could have contributed dozens of ideas for the women in horror theme. Randu looks like a charismatic man. I’m glad you met him and surveyed his inspiring artwork. It was nice of Alli to reward your efforts working at the kiosk by giving you a shirt. I happy to learn that you topped off your day of volunteering with a nice g/f and d/f meal at Frutta Bowls.

    Enjoy your holiday and the week ahead, dear friend JM. I have a new post coming tomorrow and hope to see you then!


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