Verklempt From Yesterday

Yesterday was so sweet. My neighbour has two girls, 5 and 8. While I was on the swings, the 5 year old came running up to me, saying hi and sat on the swing next to me. Her sister and her friend then took the other swings. We went swinging together, chatted and laughed. The 5 year old said to me, “I saw you were alone and I wanted to join you.” Be still my heart! Didn’t get a photo during, as I was enjoying the moment. This moment made me verklempt.


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One thought on “Verklempt From Yesterday”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I too am verklempt knowing there are sweet children like your 5 year old neighbor who saw you alone and offered to keep you company. I’m so happy that you and the girls shared a good time swinging, chatting and laughing at the playground. You can’t put a price tag on memories like that. I hope that picture you took will bring back that memory and the all the good feelings that go with it.

    As I told you on my blog just now, I will be absent from blogging for the next week-and-a-half. I need to handle some family matters, and since they will be pulling me away much of the time, I thought I’d unplug from all social media and get some much needed rest. I hope to resume full time blogging Wednesday, September 2. Take good care of yourself and I’ll see you then, dear friend JM!


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