City Tavern | 15 August 2020

Remember the time before COVID-19 and when I would get selfies with strangers? Well, on Saturday night I brought it back! From a 6 ft distance of course, and with a mask!

I ended up having dinner at City Tavern; Franklin Institute and City Tavern has a partnership until the end of the month, 25% off of a meal. City Tavern was founded in the mid-1700’s, the meals are Colonial, it’s pricy, for special occasion and I haven’t been there in 5 years. I wanted to go back and 25% off was enticing. I made a reservation for 4:30.

I arrived at 4:15 and had a friendly host. My waiter was pretty cool too. Well, as the host was setting another table, I was waiting for my food, he came to check on me, I asked him about the promotion, and we started chatting. He loved my tattoo and asked how old it was since it still looks fresh. I said, “four weeks.” We chatted about tattoos and their colonial uniform. I absolutely loved it. Then my waiter came and broke up the conversation.

Before I left, I asked the host, whose name was Simon I believe… it was on the check after he took the promotion, if he wouldn’t mind getting a selfie with me. He smiled and he said, “I would love to get a selfie with you!”

He pointed to the side of the tavern. “Let’s pose over here! It’ll look more Colonial!” We snapped a selfie and we’re smiling with our eyes. #SelfieswithStrangers is now back!


Simon was cute. I hope that was his name. I feel like e-mailing City Tavern and telling the owner what a great experience I had. Simon and Greg… Greg was my waiter and he was amazing too.

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One thought on “City Tavern | 15 August 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m all verklempt because I know how much you enjoy going out on the town and engaging in activities like dining at nice restaurants. I’m happy that you were able to take advantage of your Franklin Institute membership and its promotion giving you 25% off a meal at City Tavern. I am even more overjoyed to know that both the host and the waiter at the Tavern treated you so kindly, and that Simon chatted with you at length and agree to a selfie. In contrast, Donald Trump looked grouchy as you approached him for a selfie at the wax museum. 🙂 The meal you had looks delicious and the setting delightful. I am very pleased that you had another nice experience out and about. I think the staff of City Tavern would appreciate receiving positive feedback from you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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