Another Anniversary…

I met other people during my Green Bay/Milwaukee Trip. Dave and Rich, both from Staten Island, NY. When the hotel shuttle picked me up from Green Bay Mall to take me back to the hotel, Dave and Rich were in the backseat. The shuttle driver introduced us and I thought that was all I was going to see of Dave and Rich.

Two days later, while I was in Milwaukee and visiting the Miller Brewery headquarters, I ran into Dave and Rich again. We spent the day together and had a blast.

Dave and I stayed in touch until 2015, but I haven’t heard from him since. Once my old phone died and I lost everything, Dave never called or texted again. I might make a post on City-Data’s People Finder forum and see if I can find him. Then again, if he wanted to remain in touch, he would have. Ah, well, I cherish the time in Wisconsin, then sports events in Philadelphia. I won’t edit this piece, I’ll keep it as is:

A Sports Trip to Remember
Jessica Marie

“Jessica,” the hotel’s shuttle driver had begun, “meet Rich and Dave. They’re here on a sports trip too and they live near you.”

The driver was friendly—Midwestern friendly—middle aged woman with dirty blonde hair, slightly graying, pulled into a pony tail; I knew she meant well when she introduced me to these young gentlemen, but I was nervous.

I was sitting shotgun; the driver was taking me to the mall and she was taking the guys to Lambeau Field. I turned around and looked the one guy in the eye. I probably didn’t smile, as smiling doesn’t come naturally to me when I’m nervous, but I did say: “Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia and I’m here to see the Packers. I’m a huge Packers fan.”

Dave was the first one to introduce himself: “I’m Dave. I’m from Staten Island. Although I’m a Giants fan, we wanted to come to see the Packers. This is my friend Rich. We try to take a sports related vacation each year.”

Rich then spoke up and mentioned he was from Brooklyn. I could tell Rich was an introvert as well since Dave did most of the talking. Although, it was a ten minute car ride, I enjoyed talked to them. We talked about sports and our love for Green Bay. When we arrived at the mall, I stepped from the passenger side and said to them, “It was nice meeting you! Maybe we’ll catch up again because I liked talking to you both. A pleasure meeting you!” They returned the same sentiments.

I remember thinking the two guys from New York were really friendly, but between meeting my Facebook friend for the first time, meeting Wayne and Janet, and other friends I made at the Packers game, I put the brief interaction at the back of my mind.

The day was warm and sunny. I had just finished an afternoon at the Milwaukee Zoo and was waiting for the bus to head to Miller Brewery. I felt overwhelmed in Milwaukee, but taking in the city through the bus’s window—Milwaukee had an urban beauty to it.

“Hey! Jessica?” I heard a guy scream out; breaking my concentration from the map. I was confused because I didn’t know anyone in Milwaukee. Yet despite the fear that some stalker knew my name, I looked up and saw Dave and Rich.

“Do you remember us?” Dave continued.

“Yes! Dave and Rich, right?”

We began boarding the bus at this point. “So, where are you headed?”

“Well, I just finished visiting the Milwaukee Zoo. I love going to zoos and I loved the Milwaukee Zoo. I’m trying to find Miller Brewery.”

“Oh! We’re going there next too! Hey, let’s go together!”

I sat in between Rich and Dave. I could tell Dave had been to Milwaukee before because he had a good sense of direction in this huge city. Dave was listening for the stops and I talked to Rich. I wanted to get to know Rich a bit more. Apparently his parents own a store in Brooklyn and he helps run the family business. He’s more a Yankees fan, he prefers baseball over football, but was enjoying the trip.

When we got off the bus and entered through the door of the Miller Brewery, we were instructed to go to the auditorium to watch a video on the history of Miller. We had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the movie to air, but time spent with giggling and chatting with both Dave and Rich made it worth it.

The whole tour was fun between crazy antics from Rich and Dave, but visiting a new place with new friends is always exciting. When we were touring how beer was made, Dave noticed I loved photography, and was making funny gestures in front of the glass where the beer was being made. I snapped the pictures and the whole thing was priceless. I never laughed so much in my life.

When we made it to the beer garden, we sat at a table. I am not a fan of beer; I opted for a berry beer, then root beer. The guys had many plastic cups of beer, then cheered our day out. Dave said, “to new friends and many more adventures together!” Our glasses clanked and we exchanged numbers.

We had planned to go to dinner before they went to the Brewers/Phillies game (the game I saw the night before) and I went on my Midnight cruise of Lake Michigan. We had planned to go to this sports restaurant, but with how erratic the buses were, we never did go. We parted ways.

I kept in touch with both Dave and Rich. I still hang out with Dave on occasions when there is a sporting event in Philadelphia or other events. It’s nice that he’ll come from Staten Island to visit me because of our shared loved of sports. It’s nice having someone to bond with when it comes to sports or just traveling in general. I am forever grateful to the shuttle driver in Green Bay that introduced me to both Rich and Dave; I am forever grateful for all the friends I met that year in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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One thought on “Another Anniversary…”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for sharing the back story about your trip to Green Bay and Milwaukee, WI, and chance encounters with New Yorkers Rich and Dave that led to a years long friendship with the latter. I have come to accept that some relationships aren’t meant to be permanent. They come and go, having served a purpose, a purpose that oft times we cannot fathom. We might lament the loss of a years long friendship, but we learn something from every person we meet along the way. I wish I had been along on that trip because I would have wanted to walk through the Milwaukee Zoo.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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