Welcome Back Academy of Natural Sciences and Philadelphia (1 August 2020)

Since Philadelphia is in the yellow phase and indoor facilities can have 25% inside, the Academy of Natural Sciences decided to re-open. While it’s a modified schedule – hours are only Friday – Sunday 10am – 5pm at 25% capacity, at least they’re opened. The Art Museum has no idea when they will reopen.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and as I was walking around Philadelphia in my mask, this song was playing in my head:


Last week, the Academy sent me an e-mail about reopening and that their sloth, Lulu, would be back. On Thursday I bought my ticket for noon. I got to the city around 10am, had coffee, a gluten-free and kosher rice krispy treat at Starbucks and decided to walk to LOVE Park. It felt nice to take photos of dogs and birds with my DSLR camera again. I had someone take photos of me under the LOVE sign as well.

At 11:45, I decided to start walking to the Academy of Natural Sciences. I went the Ben Franklin Parkway route and managed to get some pretty decent photos too.


Once inside, I noticed the safety precautions the museum was taking. The Academy of Natural Sciences was also virtually empty. The only time I’ve seen it that empty was for adult evening programs. Since only 25% was allowed in, I took advantage of taking my time with the exhibits, and seeing the animals. I loved seeing the Lulu the Sloth. Survival of the Slowest was awesome. Sadly, the butterfly exhibits were closed.

As you could tell I love the Bonds’ scrapbook. I had to take photos of it for the scrapbook group on Reddit. I’ll have to share it with Scrapbook.com too. I love looking at old scrapbooks, especially with the newspaper clippings.

Here are a few videos of other favourites from the Academy:


I just love Lulu.

I got done at the Academy of Natural Sciences at 1:30 and went to the Farmers Market at Rittenhouse Square. Even that was socially distant. It was nice sitting inside the park too. I bought some seafood – I’m going to make the sea bass tomorrow night, the cod on Tuesday night – at Shore Thing. That’s my favourite fish monger. I also bought some gluten free soups, goat chevre, and some peaches. It was a fruitful day.


After about an hour at Rittenhouse Square, I decided to walk down to South Street and visit Repo Records. It felt so good going back inside one of my favourite record shops too. I bought a CD from a local artist that I can’t wait to listen to.


I ended my evening with a gluten-free meal at Magianno’s. Outdoor dining only and I had to wait a half an hour to be seated, but once I was, a street performer serenaded me while I enjoyed dinner. I had a great day out; I kept masked and I washed my hands throughout the day. Every place had hand sanitizer and I used that too.


Also, today Calvin and Hobbes turned 2 weeks old. They’re no longer itchy and they are smooth now, so I believe they’re pretty much healed.

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One thought on “Welcome Back Academy of Natural Sciences and Philadelphia (1 August 2020)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy two weeks to Calvin and Hobbes! They are looking good. I’m happy to know there haven’t been any complications or setbacks in the healing process.

    I am excited that you were able to revisit the Academy of Natural Sciences and some of your other favorite haunts in the city including the Farmer’s Market, Repo Records and Magianno’s where you enjoyed a GF meal. It looks to me like the streets and parks were much less crowded than they were before the pandemic. Gosh, even the statues are wearing masks. I often wonder how well people’s pets have adjusted to seeing their owners wearing masks when they take them out for a walk. I enjoyed watching the vids of Jessica the Slow and Lulu the Sloth. Imagine the leisurely life of a sloth. All Lulu has to do all day long is hang out. I envy her! 🙂 As I look at the pictures you took, I can’t help hoping that the human race doesn’t go the way of the dinosaur. You put together a fun-filled day, Jessica Marie, the kind you used to have every single weekend. I’m happy that you found a safe way to enjoy the things you used to do.

    Stay well and have a great week, dear friend JM!


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