Thankful Thursday 30 July 2020

The last Thursday in July?! Already?! Time, please slow down a little bit! Calvin and Hobbes turned 11 days today, in three more days, it’ll be two weeks old! They’re almost healed, although they’re still in the milky phase.


I went into the office today and I’m thankful for Shetana. She was telling me about her grandson, who just turned 6 months old, and how full of energy he is. Over lunch, she was in a Facetime chat with her daughter and grandson; he was learning how to crawl. She invited me into the conversation and we all chatted while Adonis was crawling a bit. I feel grateful to be included and watching him grow. One aspect of love about work, at both jobs and every job I’ve held. I like being close to my co-workers.

Today is international friendship day and I’m thankful for everyone I call a friend. Jared sent me the postcards I left in his car while I was away; I was having so much fun that it totally slipped my mind until I was packing. I sent the postcards off to other friends and pen pals. I’m thankful that Jared treated that night and I’m thankful to have called him a friend for so long. I’m thankful for Marsha, Christina, Anna, Liz, and everyone who has graced my life for the past 10+ years. Friendships make our lives richer.

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I am also thankful for my parents. What are you thankful for today?

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 30 July 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Calvin and Hobbes look great. To my inexperienced eyes they look like they are healing just fine. It’s good to know you had another positive co-worker experience today at the office as you bonded with Shetana and watched her grandson Adonis in action.

    Happy International Friendship Day! Jared is one of your oldest and best, and same can be said of Marsha, Christina, Anna and Liz. In this crazy mixed-up world of ours, it is no small achievement to stay close friends with someone 10+ years. It is also nice of you to name and thank your parents on a day like today.

    I am thankful for showing no signs of skin cancer following my annual screening exam today. It’s a concern in my family because my fair skinned dad needed to have chemical treatments and excisions performed in his later years.

    Happy TT and have a wonderful weekend, dear friend JM!


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