Tattoo #3: Calvin and Hobbes | Old Glory Tattoos | Asbury Park, NJ | 19 July 2020

So, I did something on Sunday night that I’ve wanted to do since November, when a coworker at my full time job told me that whenever her son travels, he gets a tattoo of a symbol of the place.

I love Calvin and Hobbes, thought this was fitting for me and since I love Asbury Park, I decided to get it done there.

I had to make an appointment well before my trip. I decided to get it my last night in town.

5pm, tattoo time at Old Glory Tattoo Company in Asbury Park! Marz, my artist, ended up taking me back at 5:30.  Marz was an absolute joy! I was going to take a video, but I only managed to take a few selfies since I was engrossed in talking with Marz and watching him do my tattoo (since I couldn’t for the other two).

In Basque Spain, Hobbes is called Harold since Hobbes doesn’t translate. My choice made him nostalgic and it was happy chatter. He also taught me some of the Basque language as we listened to Basque and some Spanish punk rock. The shop was nice since they had their own rooms and he had control of the music. I also loved watching him create. At 6:30pm, I had Calvin and Hobbes and I was all smiles. I found my artist and every time I go back to Asbury Park, I will go to him.

Jared and Michelle, my host, were impressed. I shared the tattoo on Reddit and Reddit was impressed. I’m impressed, I’m verklempt and he charged me what was charged for my 2nd, with minimal work. With all the work that was done, I got a bang for my buck. I love quality at an affordable price. I’m just so in love with my Calvin and Hobbes tattoo.


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2 thoughts on “Tattoo #3: Calvin and Hobbes | Old Glory Tattoos | Asbury Park, NJ | 19 July 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m glad you made it home safely from your trip to the coast. Congratulations on getting your third tattoo, dear friend! I like the rationale behind it. You went with two of your favorite comic strip cartoon characters and had them applied to your shoulder by a salon artist at one of your favorite vacation destinations, Asbury Park. Marz at Old Glory did a wonderful job and I’m happy to learn that he was nice and made the procedure another positive experience to reflect on. It looks terrific! I enjoyed the Dropkick Murphys song about tattoos, the various types and the reasons behind getting them.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM, and take good care of your new BFFs Calvin and Hobbes!


    1. Thanks, Shady! It’s now entering itchy phase and since I can’t scratch, aquaphor is my friend again. I’m still over the moon about Calvin and Hobbes. I definitely found my artist and in my favourite spot!

      I love the Dropkick Murphy’s and they seem to have a song for every mood. I especially love this video and the story behind it. I know my tats have stories behind them and meaning. Ah, I just love the stories they tell.

      Have a great week ahead too, dear friend.


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