To Everything a Season…

Here’s a prompt from I answered tonight. I’m probably one of the few who can say, “I really love this quarantine.” Not only since I paid off some debt and continue to do so, not only did I get back in touch with my creative side, and took a deep look at my life. I also experienced a lot of kindness and Mother Earth has benefited from our quarantine.

Prompt: For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven– Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Since it is so, spiritually speaking, why do you think our planet now has this Covid 19 pandemic?

Since we’ve been under quarantine, Mother Nature has healed herself. Without our driving, without our pollution, without what us humans do to destroy beautiful Earth, Mama has reset herself. Carbon emissions have gone down, smog has gone down, and every negative trend has turned positive.

Until George Floyd’s murder, the world was getting kinder; even though we had to be physically distant, we could get together online, or we could talk to others from a distance on walks around neighbourhoods. Without gyms, people have been walking around where they have lived for many years, and getting to know their neighbours. I can say with the internet socials, we’ve been able to connect with friends, family, and other co-workers, we’ve been able to be more kinder and gentler. I’ve also gotten to know people even better than when things were my frenetic normal. We have been able to slow down with our frenetic energy

I would also say greed has subsided for a bit too. Everything that needed to happen without a pandemic has been able to happen because of the quarantine. Although putting our lives on hold is annoying, we needed this reset.


There’s a lesson here and I hope others heed it, I know I am and will continue to do so, even when there’s a vaccine available.

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

2 thoughts on “To Everything a Season…”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    The prompt yielded a thought provoking piece from you, dear friend. Indeed there are some good things happening as a result of COVID and the life adjustments the outbreak has forced upon us. What if this was the Universe’s way of saving the planet, knowing that humans were not up to the task, that the selfish and ignorant among us would never cooperate, never stop leaving giant size carbon footprints and ruining the ecology? Mrs. Shady and I recently found a Caladium plant that had been covered by plastic sheeting and hidden under mulch for years. We cut a hole in the plastic and gave the plant some exposure to the light. It has grown into a strikingly beautiful specimen. People can survive, adapt and even thrive in a new way of life, and it looks like that is what has been thrust upon us. We can choose to whine and complain or we can follow the common sense guidelines and get busy making the most of it.

    I am troubled about the desire to crush Black Lives Matter and other equal rights protests in this country. It reminds me of the late 60s when the right wing looked down upon Vietnam War protesters and Civil Rights activists, leading to the assassination of Martin Luther King and the deadly shooting incident at Kent State university in early 1970. This week we saw people aiming guns at protesters that happened to walk past their house on the way to their destination. I am deeply concerned. Please join me Thursday morning when I publish an important post about Diversity in America.

    Until then enjoy your week, dear friend JM!


  2. Hi Shady,

    As long as they are peaceful, I’m with them. I’m against rioting, looting, and the toppling of the statues. I think the statues should be taken down in a legal manner and put into a museum or a museum property. I love history and value history; I think it’s important to learn and those who tear it down are preventing that. I learned most of my history through my travels over the years.

    I’ll be going back into the office on Thursday to print; I will only be going in once per week if I need to print, then the rest of the time I’ll be homebound. 4-5 days at home. I will follow along when I get home, later in the evening. 🙂

    Our company will keep us at home, unless we have to print and if we have to print, the day you choose to go in will be the only day you’re allowed in. What I didn’t bring home in March, I’ll bring home then. I’m glad the company is taking that stand.



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