Venturing out in the Green Phase, but still Distancing like in the Red

On Friday, SE Pennsylvania switched to the green phase, although Philadelphia pausing. Yesterday, mom, dad and I ventured to the Bryn Mawr farmers market to pick up my Amaranth order. Mom and dad also picked up some vegetables and I enjoyed a classical performance.


After, we went to Hymie’s in Narberth and this was my first time there. Oh my, yum! Their gluten-free Reuben was just like Frieman’s in NYC and I’m so happy I finally found a kosher deli that serves GF in the Philadelphia Area.

Hymie’s is sticking to the 6-feet rule and the tables that weren’t part of the 6-feet parameter were filled with stuffed animals.

Although we are now in the green, we can easily go back to yellow and red, so everyone is still acting like we’re in yellow and red, minimizing going out, where we go to, mask on and physically distancing ourselves.

Summer will be different this year, but we can still maintain joy while being safe.

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One thought on “Venturing out in the Green Phase, but still Distancing like in the Red”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy to see that you and your folks got out of the house and experienced a day of fun while taking necessary precautions. It’s so strange to see those masked classical musicians playing at the Bryn Mawr farmers market. If this were any other year we would think they wore masks as a gimmick to draw attention to their act. I love Reubens, and the GF sandwich you got at Hymie’s kosher deli in Narberth looks absolutely delish. I’m sure you will return there again and again. It’s good to see they found a festive, whimsical way to distance customers w/o having to plaster big signs everywhere. That’s good thinking on their part.

    Yessum, summer will be different this year, but it will make us all the more thankful for those things we can still do, and if things ever do get back to normal, we will all have a much greater appreciation of our way of life in America.

    Have a safe and happy week, dear friend JM!


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