Gotham Writer’s Write In | Week 5

I love the evening write-ins at Gotham Writer’s Workshop. One of the things I love about the quarantine; I can participate in classes that I couldn’t participate in when they were offered in person only. The group today was lovely, especially a young woman named Jessica. I liked going back and forth with her. 🙂

I’m going to share the second story I wrote in the 15 minutes allotted. This is the one I read and my group loved.

Prompt: No stopping us now

I pick up the guitar, deep breath in, then out. I can hear the crowd shout, “next act! Next act! Where is the next act!?”

It’s my moment of reckoning, a high school talent show, 2010. I’ve been playing the guitar for two years now and I’ve never performed in front of a crowd. I’m sweating bullets. I walk on stage, the crowd goes quiet.

I feel the tight bun on top of my head as I put the guitar strap around my thin, 4’10 body. My hands are sweaty and as I plug the cord into the amp, the cord drops out of my hand. I quickly plug in for a second time.

Strumming the chords to Queen’s “Can’t Stop Us Now,” but nothing rings out of my guitar. I only have eight minutes of performance, so I scan the room for the sound tech.

“Hey, no stopping us now,” I sing out of the microphone while motioning to the tech – he restores power!

Queen’s soulful melodies and my steady voice rocks the audience and my anxiety disappears – there’s no stopping me now!

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One thought on “Gotham Writer’s Write In | Week 5”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for telling me about your latest experience attending the Gotham Writer’s Workshop. What a nice surprise that you made a connection with another Jessica. I’m happy to know the class gave you props for your story about conquering performance anxiety and delivering an elegant rendition of Queen’s “Can’t Stop Us Now.” I’ve been noticing quite a few people on YouTube doing covers of Queen songs, and “Can’t Stop Us Now” is an oft covered Queen opus. If you think about it, “all the world’s a stage” and we are the players. Every day we show up on that stage and run the risk of being criticized. If you fumble, try again. If you quit, you’re letting yourself down. You are stopping yourself. If you persevere and succeed, then and only then will you experience the joy that comes with praise and approval.

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


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