Happy Ace Pride Day!

This month is Pride month and each day in June, there is a celebration for each day. Today is Asexual Pride Day. Since that is how I identify, I’ve been celebrating today and would like to wish my wish my dear readers a Happy Ace Pride Day!


The Happiness Box Project welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, race, and religion. Come as you are!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Ace Pride Day!”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy belated Ace Pride Day, dear friend! Yesterday Mrs. Shady and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I promised her I’d avoid blogging all day and evening.

    I watched this video with great interest because I admit that I do not understand asexuality. Unfortunately, having listened to it carefully, I still can’t fully grasp what it entails. The asexuality spectrum is so broad that it seems to overlap and encompass other orientations. Perhaps you can further explain in your reply or in future posts.

    I admire you for coming out and having pride in your colors. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


  2. Hi dear friend!

    I can only tell you about myself, I’m asexual and have a bit of a sensual attraction to people. I love hugs and cuddles if I know the person well enough, but I will not go beyond that point. I don’t think I’m sex repulsed, but I know I’m not interested and that’s why I tend to avoid dating all together. Some aces are sex-repulsed and won’t compromise if they have partners.

    Some aces do have sex, if they are married to an allosexual (someone who isn’t asexual), but I’m not sure at what point they become demi-sexual. Not quite fully sexual, but have a little desire where asexuals don’t. Today is demi-sexual day.

    I have found like the LGBTQIA spectrum in general, it’s very broad and varied. All I know is I’m welcomed, I found a safe space, and I’m continuing to learn. It’s nice that the Philadelphia LGBTQ community welcomes me, some communities do not accept aces, and I’ve been able to receive the help I need. That’s a blessing in itself.

    I hope I was a little bit more helpful, dear friend!


    1. I’ve learned over the years that I have to be careful about who I tell. There is such a trend of corrective rape. Given my experiences, I can say with 100% certainty, that’s what happened to me. It’s not uncommon for unpartnered asexuals to be put in a similar situation because guys think that s/he are broken. It’s sad. I’m hoping to eventually do more work in regards to these issues.


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