Happy 80th birthday, Pop-Pop

Today my Pop-Pop would have turned 80. He died 13 years ago at the age of 67 from lung cancer. Pop-Pop was a Korean and Vietnam War Air Force veteran. He used to tell me about his adventures in the Middle East, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. I’m grateful he told me the stories and I’m thinking about writing them down.

He saw a lot of interesting things in Morocco, he once told me that a guy was beating his dog and he intervened to save the dog. He learned how to cook in Morocco, and often when he made foods for us, they had a Middle Eastern flair. He once gave mom saffron and whenever mom made the saffron dishes, I was in heaven.

Pop-Pop, Air Force, Korea 1960

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One thought on “Happy 80th birthday, Pop-Pop”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    This is a lovely tribute in remembrance of your departed Pop-Pop. I’m sorry his life was relatively short and that you lost him when you were so very young. My big brother, now 81, was also in the Air Force, probably during the same time that Pop-Pop served. Yessum, it would be a good idea to preserve the stories Pop-Pop told you about his military experiences and other aspects of his life before they fade from your memory. I can tell that Pop-Pop was a good man if he intervened to save a dog. It’s interesting that he also brought cooking skills to the table.

    Thanks for sharing your impressions of this fine man, your Pop-Pop, and happy Mother’s Day to your mom, dear friend JM!


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