Gotham’s Writing Workshop’s Write-In | 8 May 2020

I’ve always wanted to attend the free write-in at Gotham’s Writer Workshop in NYC, but never had the chance to do so. They’re offering weekly Zoom conferences for the write-ins and I decided to participate. Here is something I wrote in 20 minutes to the prompt: back-up plan.

July 22nd. The day of her third tattoo. Julie had this date marked on her calendar for three months. She loved the experiences of her first two, the way the machine whirred and buzzed, getting the tattoos were cathartic.

Squidoos is located on 15th and Pine on the corner of a busy street in Philadelphia. Julie made this appointment on the first warm day in April at 6:30 pm when the sun was still high in the sky. She walked into the shop and her artist, Doug, was working.

“I’d like to get this cartoon of Twiztid and their signatures on my lower arm. These are the colours I want.”

Doug took the image and marked her down in the appointment book.

Julie stretched her arms, rubbed her eyes, and excitedly jumped out of bed. Today was the day that she would have Twiztid tatted on her lower arm.

She picked up her phone and a message from Doug was waiting for her to read.

Hi Julie. We’ll have to reschedule – sick, fever of 104 and I think it may be that new virus that the news has been reporting. Let’s reschedule.

Julie’s heart sank. She was hoping that this new super virus wouldn’t affect her tattoo appointment. Sadly, Julie would have to wait. She hoped Doug was okay and that it wasn’t the new virus, just a cold.

The hardest part is waiting, but she likes Doug, she won’t go to a new shop, and she also doesn’t want to catch the bug. Julie will continue to save, buy a gift card from Squidoos, and wait until it’s safe to get a tattoo.

The participants liked the start of this story, they thought it was sad, but powerful. One said, “oh no! I’m worried about Julie! Tattoos are so important!” Agreed. Another pictured another story. I’m debating whether or not I want to continue it. What do you think? It was a neat class and I can’t wait to do it again next week!

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One thought on “Gotham’s Writing Workshop’s Write-In | 8 May 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Congratulations on taking part in Gotham’s Writing Workshop’s Write-In, dear friend! It seems like a fun and worthwhile experience, especially since it is free and also because you get instant feedback from other participants. Your story is based on personal experiences and that’s a wise decision considering the time constraints. (I assume the 20 minutes was the workshop’s recommended time allotment and not self-imposed.) Your story is a sign of the times. This COVID-19 thing has derailed all of our best laid plans.

    Congrats again on taking the plunge and getting into the NYC writers’ workshop. The more you write and the more classes of this type you take the better you are likely to get.

    I wish you a peaceful household for the rest of the weekend as you honor your mother on Mother’s Day. I have my annual Mother’s Day tribute to Helen Ettline, The First Lady of the Shady and every Dell Rat’s mom, coming in the morning. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your day, dear friend JM!


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