You Walk, Girl | Prevention Magazine’s Virtual 5k Walk | 2 May 2020

Yesterday I took Prevention’s virtual 5k walk. They hold it every year, twice per year, but this was my first time participating. I picked up the magazine about walking the anxiety away and that’s how I heard about the virtual 5k.

I decided that I would walk to Costco, then back home, as that would be exactly 5k.



I set out at around 8:15 AM, walked by Nan’s old house, Aunt Kathy’s house, then down to Keebler Rd, Allendale Rd, crossed the bridge over 76, and was at Costco in 41 minutes, 1.8 miles. This was my soundtrack as I walked:

I have to thank my friend Shady for telling me about Millie Small.





Can you tell that I was listening to the Sing Along Anthems on Amazon Music?

When I arrived at Costco at 8:56 AM, I had someone in the parking lot take my photo. My proud moment! I took a little breather, then walked back home. I arrived home at 9:37 AM with 3.67 miles, a little over 9,000 steps. I made 3.67 miles in 82 minutes!

On the way home, I decided to change the playlist. I listened to Machine Gun Kelly, Jac with No K before switching to YungBlud.


It felt nice to walk that distance again, that’s about what I walk when I can walk the Schuylkil Trail. I posted the photos on Instagram, tagged Prevention Magazine and they left some sweet comments, and shared some of my photos.

I decided to keep moving yesterday and ended my Saturday with 21,000 steps, 8 miles. It was 72 degrees yesterday and it was a beautiful day for activity.

Walking for me is my natural anti-depressant. Whenever I am feeling down, I like to throw on my sneakers, put in my headphones, and hit the pavement. Walking helps me feel better and it boosts my positive thinking. I always walked as a child, but when I was diagnosed with depression and hypothyroidism, walking helped me cope. It helped me cope with the Celiac and liver diagnoses too. Walking and all exercise, along with the strict GF diet, my liver almost returned to normal and my cholesterol is going down. Walking and all activity is a natural medication for our bodies.

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2 thoughts on “You Walk, Girl | Prevention Magazine’s Virtual 5k Walk | 2 May 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Congratulations on accepting the challenge and completing Prevention’s virtual 5k walk, dear friend. You walk, girl! You achieved that satisfying goal on Mrs. Shady’s birthday. Thanks for posting the play list of tunes you used to spur yourself on to glory. I’m excited to see you posting that rare clip of Millie Small doing her sig song on her Millie Show television special in 1964. Thanks for the plug! I have always loved the official music video for Journey’s hit single “Separate Ways.” The vid played often on the MTV style station where I worked in the 80s and 90s. Carly Rae J’s “Call Me Maybe” hit was used in one of my favorite TV sitcoms of recent years, The Mindy Project. The song was the ringtone that awoke Mindy every morning. I never heard of the Texas based Christian alt rock band Sixpence, but they really do rock. WOW – the Swedish band The Cardigans is also new to me and I be lovin’ on them. I could watch and listen to Nina Persson all day every day. I read that two different music videos were produced for “Lovefool.” The one created for release in the UK and Europe is “much more bleak,” says Nina. The second, the one you posted with the message in a bottle theme, was produced in NYC. It was cool that you switched gears on the way back from Costco and listened to your friend Jac along with rappers MGK and YungBlud. You even continued walking and pushed through to a full 8 miles! You were feeling your oats and have the pics to prove it. Congratulations again on this achievement. Walking off your depression and frustration is a very resourceful choice and I applaud you.

    Have a terrific week, dear friend JM!


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