Roller Skating During COVID-19

This afternoon I decided to dig out my roller skates, went to my old elementary school, and would roller skate. Unfortunately, skating at the playground isn’t the same as skating at a rink. I managed to slow skate, after one fall, for a half an hour. It was fun, even if I was taking my time.

I mentioned today during the corporate wellness zoom chat at work, I was going to skate. One of the directors in Ann Arbor thought that was a good idea and wanted to see pictures. I sent her the selfie and she’s going to share it tomorrow. I like the wellness zoom chats and connecting with other workers in other states. The director responded and thanked me for sharing the fun.

This weekend I will go to the skate park. I think that would be a better idea.

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2 thoughts on “Roller Skating During COVID-19”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Mrs. Shady has cabin fever from weeks of sheltering in place. With no clear end in sight she experiences periods when she is tense and irritable. You hit upon a great idea to get out of the house and engage in an activity you enjoy without exposing yourself to infection. It was wise to take your skates to the empty school playground where you could roll around the blacktop in solitude, recall childhood memories, meditate and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I’m glad you are enjoying your company’s wellness zoom chats and interacting with employees in other states. If you go to the skate part this weekend, remember to keep a safe distance from others. You are gregarious by nature. You might need to remind yourself not to approach strangers and take selfies with them.

    Stay well, JM. Thanks a lot for coming to visit me this evening. See you soon, dear friend!


    1. Before I head there, I’m going to email the library director to make sure it’s opened. The skate park is like a playground, but better suited for skating, and it’s owned by the township. I want to make sure it’s opened before I walk there. The playground equipment is chained and locked at Caley (my old elementary school) and that could be the case at the township.

      I still walk daily, but I miss skating. I’m actually relishing the quiet of it all. I hope Mrs Shady feels better soon.


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