Quarantine Playlist

Whenever I go out for my walks, I discovered new songs. I love Amazon Music for that very reason and I love when the app makes suggestions for my walks. Let me share some of the songs I’ve been listening to with you.


This is such a sad song, but I love the melody to it and the way the artists play with sound. Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head) is catchy.

Another catchy hit. I hope to hear more from 24kgoldn in the future.

I love Birds of Prey, so when this song was featured, I squeed. I love “The Joke’s On You.”


Another from Birds of Prey that I love. I might have to get the album some time.

This album has been out for almost 18 years and I finally listened to it in full. CG2, Country Grammar part II, is a catchy follow-up to my favourite, Country Grammar. Country Grammar will be 20 years old this summer. Can you believe it?


I’m not much of a Maroon 5 fan, but I like this piece and it reminds me of scrapbooking.

Stay tuned to next week, when I post new finds from different playlists on Amazon music. As we are under quarantine, don’t forget to support local artists!

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One thought on “Quarantine Playlist”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Good idea – a set of “quarantunes,” dear friend! Each and every one of the artists and songs on your play list are new to me. I appreciate the opportunity to learn.

    Wow, the “Death Bed” rap was powerful. I agree it is a sad song and makes good use of sound experimentation. The result is dreamlike. “City of Angels” is another great song and video. it must be an awesome sight to be near those flaming LA palms. I always favor female vocalists, and that explains why my favorite song of this set is “Joke’s On You” by Charlotte Lawrence. I love how she uses “glottal fry,” the cracking and riding up of her voice, to express high points of feeling. I enjoyed the other rappers as well.

    Stay safe, well and in good spirits, dear friend JM!


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