Thankful Thursday 2 April 2020

Happy First Thursday in April! Can you believe it’s April already? Time flies, especially when we’re in a pandemic. However, all is well and I’m keeping positive.

We’ve been eating a lot more family meals together and I’m grateful. We usually ate meals together 4 days/week, but now it’s 7 days/week. Mom and I have been cooking and I’m thankful for not only the togetherness, but laughter.


Passover is next Wednesday and usually I go out. Can’t go out this year, but both of my parents said they’ll eat the foods I make for the holiday. The Jewish Federation of Philadelphia invites me to their daily meetings on Zoom, but I attended the Zoom chat today because it was about preparing Passover. I typed that I live in a multi-faith house, this would be my first Passover not going out, and my folks agreed to it.

The Rabbi and the other member gave me some good advice. Treat it like a regular dinner and find some scriptures that would relate to everyone. Mom is non-religious (Atheist), and while dad is C&E Catholic, Jewish groups used to invite him to events, so he’s comfortable with things. However, most religions are similar and we can find common ground. I’m grateful for their advice, their help, and of course my parents for being open.

We were going to go out for Easter and the place we usually go to has Kosher options and it’s nice. We can’t go of course, but mom is going to keep my meal this year Kosher. She’s going to get me foods I can eat. I’m grateful for that too.


I’m also thankful for my friends this week, especially Kathleen. I’ve been having some professional issues, I’ve been confiding in her, and she’s been really helping. I’m also thankful for Marsha, Jac and all my other friends too. Oh, Rachel, the one I met at Shabat last year, invited me into her Zoom group. I normally can’t meet with them in person because of the library (they meet weekdays), but since the library is closed indefinitely, I’ll be chatting with Rachel and the Shabat group on Mondays. I can’t wait.

My blog also turned two yesterday and on the 7th, the Instagram page will officially turn 2. I can’t believe it! I am grateful for all of my supporters and readers.

What are you grateful for?


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3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 2 April 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I agree that it is always best to look for common ground, especially during these weeks and perhaps months of quarantined family togetherness. I am happy to know things are going well between you and your folks. I hope you find a way to celebrate Easter this year in a way that lets every family member feel included and comfortable. Your mom is already taking steps to ensure that the Easter feast will be tailored to your dietary needs. That’s so nice of her! It does my heart good to know that friends like Kathleen, Marsha, Jac and Rachel are also coming through for you. Happy two year blogiversary!

    The way the virus is blowing up here in Florida, I am thankful to be alive and well. I am taking things one day at a time and hoping for the best. It’s all any of us can do.

    Take care and I’ll connect with you again soon, dear friend JM!


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