Thankful Thursday 12 March 2020

COVID-19, aka the Novel Coronavirus, has hit Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. COVID-19 is around the whole state of Pennsylvania, but we have the highest concentration – 13 tested, 2 are positive, the other 11 are presumptive. We are under quarantine for 14 days, only essential personnel are to report to work; grocery stores and Starbucks will be opened. I’ll be going to my full-time job like normal, and it’s case by case for the library. The library is closed to the public until 30 March.

I believe the media is blowing it out of proportion. SARS, Anthrax, MERS, Swine ’09, Ebola, etc. were all blown out of proportion; not that we shouldn’t worry, but this isn’t the end of the world as we know it. I’m anxious not about the virus itself, but the possibility of if my FT job has to close, I don’t have the capability to work from home since mom does, and they want us to use our paid time off (PTO). I don’t want to use my PTO and I would request unpaid. If the library closes for evening staff, I’m not sure if I would get paid because I’m part-time. There’s a possibility that I would be unpaid with both jobs during this time. While I know I’m not alone with this worry, it has been a lot this week.

Terry and my mom said that Congress is pushing and that Trump is pushing for everyone who can’t work (and isn’t sick) will get paid during this period. It relieved my fears a little bit and for that, I am grateful. I’m grateful for all the kindness shown to others during this time and from every organization calling for kindness in these trying times. Many places who will remain open are carefully sanitizing. I am washing my hands and taking steps to remain healthy. No stress! I am trying my hardest not to stress as stress weakens my immune system. I’m trying to live as normally as possible.

Yet, in all this doom and gloom, I’m thankful for friends and family as we weather this storm. I’m also thankful for co-workers at both jobs who have checked in with me, and I’ve checked in with them.

Also, the Peyton Heart Project left some crocheted hearts in the library and I took a few pictures to show on Instagram. I took two for my Happiness Box. Mom thought they were a lovely idea and so did others. These hearts cheered my soul, I’m so glad they were left in the library, especially on a week like this.

I did some research about the Peyton Heart Project and found their site:

What a lovely cause and it mirrors to my Happiness Box Project. I too was bullied and can relate to these feelings. I’m thankful for all those who were there for me in my darkest times.

Oh! This morning I also woke up to a lovely surprise from Sonali on I ordered the merit badge for my Happiness Box. I’m verklempt.


What are you grateful for?

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

One thought on “Thankful Thursday 12 March 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    After reading your wonderful comment on my site last evening I was hoping to stay up, visit your HBP and read this post. Turns out I didn’t feel well enough, so please understand. I was sick in bed all day yesterday and throwing up. I felt a little better for a while, but by evening was worse. I went to bed just after 8 pm. I got up at 4 am and feel somewhat better. I didn’t want to miss your post so here I am. I don’t think I have Coronavirus, but I was plenty ill nevertheless. It has been many years since I was laid low to that extent.

    Hour by hour I read the latest closings and cancellations forced by the virus scare. It’s as if the entire country is grinding to a halt. It does make me worry what will happen to the millions of people like you who depend on their paychecks. I hope you don’t need to work for free. Your efforts deserve compensation. Mrs. Shady is a healthcare professional and she does not think the problem is being overblown by the media. She says the strict measures being taken are necessary to contain the virus. When people are inconvenienced they tend to “kill the messenger” and blame the media for reporting the story. Global warming and the climate crisis, issues that will require people to adopt a different way of life and do some sacrificing, are not popular for the same reason. People don’t want to hear about anything that will require them to change the way they do things.

    I clicked over to the Peyton Heart Project site and applaud them for helping to end suicide and bullying and the stigma surrounding mental health issues. I too am verklempt after looking at those crocheted hearts that draw attention to the cause and after reading the sweet message sent to you by Sonali as you mark 14 years of participation on

    Thanks again for returning to SPMM and writing a great comment. It is much appreciated.
    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM.


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