Frigid Friday Skating (28 February 2020)

I went ice skating last Friday, as Winterfest closes for the season this weekend, and it was so nice to see the group of guys, as well as my favourite staff member. Colin, not Connor, was the friendly guy who took my videos last month and who I’ve been chatting with since then. I asked him if he could take my photos last night, he asked if I wanted videos too and said “sure.” I’m going to scrap my ice skating adventures, he also agreed to a selfie for the Happiness Box.

I didn’t realize that he kept my phone on video mode and this is the result of selfie #1, a video! *Laugh* One second, but I think it captured some of the joy:


I fell because the ice is starting to get weird now that the season is ending. Matt, my favourite staff member, helped me up and we chatted for a bit. He agreed to a selfie too, that I put in the Happiness Box.


I’ve recently gotten into YungBlud and loved listening to him while I was ice skating. I’ll share some of the gems with you.




I love that he sounds like Sex Pistols, Lady Gaga, and he’s just a mixture of all genres. I love his crazy energy.

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One thought on “Frigid Friday Skating (28 February 2020)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m sorry ice skating season is winding down because it represents an opportunity for you to to make friends, not to mention that it’s fun and good outdoor exercise. I’m sorry you took a spill, but happy you had positive interaction with Colin, Matt and others.

    Pop punk alt rocker Yungblud is an exciting new-to-me artist. In his performances I see and hear similarities to young Mick Jagger.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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