Birds of Prey

Last night I decided to go to the movies. I was planning on seeing Birds of Prey when it came out because I like Joker, and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn grew on me. I wanted to see what Harley Quinn was like without Mr. J since she and the Joker broke up.

Anyway, I thought Birds of Prey would cheer me up.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia Film Society wasn’t screening the movie, but AMC at the new Fashion District Mall off of the train station, was. After I hopped off of the train, I walked up to the movie theatre and bought my ticket. $12, plus $17 for a gluten-free burger and fries.

I LOVED Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn without Mr. J was awesome; I thought she was a much stronger character and I love a strong female character. I really loved the story line and would recommend it. Although I still love Joker…

Birds of Prey really did cheer me up.


Ewan McGregor also starred in the film. He was Black Mask and let me tell you, Black Mask is a total 180 from Christopher Robin! I love Pooh and I loved Christopher Robin too.

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3 thoughts on “Birds of Prey”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m back from my hiatus, dear friend, and happy to see you! Thanks for letting us know that you enjoyed Birds of Prey. I read that the film underwhelmed at the box office, yet it gets a high Rotten Tomatoes score. Go figure. I want to see it because I have liked Margot Robbie ever since Pan Am, Chris Messina ever since The Mindy Project, Mary Elizabeth Winstead ever since Final Destination 3 and 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Rosie ever since she was def dancer on TV as a member of The Soul Train gang.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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