Friday Joy Filled with Nature, Ice Cream, Community and Ice Skating (17 January 2020)

Yesterday I decided to walk to Manayunk. It had been two months and this was my first 3.3 mile walk with my new phone. It was nice taking photos and listening to music without depleting my battery. It was 29 degrees yesterday and walking in the cold was refreshing.

I made it to Manayunk at 4:15, an hour and fifteen minute walk. I really had to go to the bathroom and as I was looking for a public restroom, I finally spotted the Tubby Robot! I first heard of the Tubby Robot last year, meant to visit, couldn’t find it, and kept meaning to find it, so once I found it yesterday I decided to go in. They had dairy and gluten-free chocolate ice cream. I bought a scoop, as well as an enamel pin. After the bathroom break, I dug in, and took notice of the video games they had. The TV was outside and you could play from inside. I was chatting with the staff member about Brooklyn and Brighton Beach, until a babysitting and the young guy she was babysitting came in. We then talked about gluten-free and vegan places. The young guy had a blast playing the video games. I enjoyed the atmosphere, I enjoyed the ice cream, and I want to visit again.

From there, I took the bus to Philadelphia and got to Philadelphia a little after six. Shabbat was at 6:30 and I had plenty of time to walk to the William Way Center. I was early and schmoozed with the other people for a bit. I met Jonathon and Jacob and chatted with them until it was time to take our seats. I sat with Ben, Rick, and Conezy and they were fun to chat with. Ben is from Germany and we were talking about immigrating to other countries. I didn’t get many photos because it was a special MLK weekend Shabbat and most of the talk was about the census and volunteering. I had a good GF vegetarian dinner. Jonathon and Ben gave me their e-mail addresses, I’ll have to e-mail them later. It was nice spending a few hours with community. ❤

I ended the evening ice skating and because of the time, I decided to go to the Rothman Rink instead of the River Rink since Rothman was closer. It felt good to get back onto the ice after a month and I taught a college student how to ice skate. Okay, maybe not, but I showed her how to get started and said, “it’s all about mindset too. I don’t think about falling and I think ‘I got this’ instead, while repeating, ‘I’m an Olympian skater and I got this!'” She and her friend giggled, but they were skating eventually. Mindset is key to everything. Their guy friend, Kyle, was picture taker that night, he took my photos and agreed to a selfie, I gave him a hug before they left. They were really nice.

I had a lovely evening and I’m headed back to the city tomorrow, to the River Rink, for a day of ice skating. It’ll be 30 degrees tomorrow and I’m loving this weather! Perfect weather for fun and community.

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One thought on “Friday Joy Filled with Nature, Ice Cream, Community and Ice Skating (17 January 2020)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I admire you for setting out in 29 degree temps and completing another walk to Manayunk. To many people such a feat would be unthinkable. I wish I could feel 29 degrees down here in the winter, but it very rarely happens. You took some marvelous pictures along the way. The Tubby Robot looks like a fun place. You were fortunate that they offered dairy and gluten free ice cream – just the thing for a cold winter’s day. 🙂 I’m glad you concluded that The Tubby Robot is the kind of place you’d like to visit again. I’m glad you hooked up with friends at the Shabbat and had a nice dinner at the William Way Center. You capped off an already big day by going ice skating at Rothman Rink where you met more nice people and gave encouragement to those Nancy Kerrigan wannabes. I predict you will have more fun on the ice tomorrow at River Rink.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend JM!


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