Thankful Thursday 16 January 2020

Happy Thursday! I’m finally 100% feeling better and I am grateful to have my health back.

Although the library took down my scrapbook pages for my kindness display, I was allowed to keep the story up. I was chatting with one of my friends and she said I could type it and use their materials. Last weekend I typed it up and last night she printed it, then today I decorated my story. I was able to use the die cuts and markers. The display looks complete now and I’m grateful for my friend. I’m grateful that I was able to keep the story up, just sans the photos. (I’m still never doing a display again.)


There was an incident at the library last night—I don’t know what happened, but as I was shelving books, I heard a young man get up, scream out that he was leaving, and made a paranoid statement. He left his computer on and had Pitbull playing out very loudly. I looked at the computer, it looked eery, but I paused the song. I walked away and five minutes later, six officers were in the library looking for this individual. When I left, I was feeling uneasy; the officers left the library and were canvassing the township building when I left. I walked home and before I left the township, I had my flashlight and two teenagers thought I was a cop and started taunting me. I ran away, uneasy. I didn’t know if they were connected to the person at the library.

Dad picked me up tonight and I’m grateful. I’m grateful that three days a week he takes me to the train in the morning, then mom takes me twice a week. I’m thankful for my health, friends, and family.

What are you thankful for?


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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 16 January 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m delighted to learn that you have bounced back to 100% wellness, dear friend. Maintaining your physical and emotional health is always job one, because you cannot be effective in dealing with or helping others when you are ailing. I am also happy to learn that you were permitted to display your story at the library. The tables are attractive and I am sure they draw visitors’ interest. That was a bizarre incident at the library! I wonder what was going on with that guy and why he was playing Mr. Worldwide loudly in a place that is supposed to be kept quiet. It is also alarming what happened on your way home. If I were you, I wouldn’t walk the streets alone after dark. Use the buddy system.

    Your folks are really coming through for you and deserve your praise. Enjoy your Friday and weekend, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi Tom,

      I don’t have anyone I can walk home with, so it’s either dad picking me up or walking alone. Usually it’s not that bad, but dad didn’t want me walking in the wind. I don’t like summers, but it makes walking home easier.

      My friend was telling me as I was working on the poster that the young man wanted to perform. Attention seeker and was distracting others. Unfortunately this is common at the library because people think it is all about them.

      My manager added Saturdays back, but I asked her to remove them. Working 6 days/week was too much. I have the weekends now.


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