A Day Out with Marsha (And Seeing Jack!)

I caught a cold, but I still met up with Marsha today. I took today off from the library and we met up at the mall at around 10:15 am. We went to David’s Tea first, where Jack works, and I found out that Jack doesn’t work until 2PM since he closes. I hadn’t seen Jack in a few months, so I asked Marsha if it would be okay if we could come back at 2. She agreed.

In the interim, we had coffee at Starbucks, lunch at the food court, and walked around. I gave Marsha a going-away gift since she is travelling to Arizona next week to see a friend. Since Marsha treated me so well for the holidays, I wanted to return the favour. She loved her bag of goodies. A nice tote bag filled with a magazine, a book, and a Barnes and Nobel gift card.

I enjoyed catching up with Marsha. Even though I wasn’t 100%, we still laughed and chatted. At a little before 2 PM, Marsha and I were sitting on a couch waiting for 2 to go back to David’s Tea and I caught the sight of Jack out of the corner of my eye. I waved to him and he saw me, he came over and we caught up. I introduced him to Marsha, then we all walked to David’s Tea where I bought a chai tea to go and a tea holiday popper. I gave the tea to Marsha.

It was so lovely seeing Jack today as well! I’m going to stop by next weekend.

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3 thoughts on “A Day Out with Marsha (And Seeing Jack!)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m sorry you are fighting a cold, dear friend. I’ve been lucky so far this season. I hope the Starbucks coffee and chai tea eased your symptoms. It always makes me happy to see you and your good friend Marsha palling around together. Looks like you became a couple of mall rats for a while. It was nice of you to give Marsha that gift pack to send her on her way to Arizona. I’m glad you made a connection with Jack and hope you get to spend more time with him next weekend.

    Keep warm, drink liquids, (listen to Shady’s tunes) and feel better soon, dear friend JM!


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