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Hello dear readers!

When I first started this blog in April 2018, I was hoping to promote my project and spread positivity. I had just deleted Facebook, and I needed some positivity too. Needless to say, my blog has done that and more! I really am thankful for this blog and all the connections I have been able to make through the past year and a half.  Being able to share my stories, to feel comfortable while being vulnerable with y’all, and read the stories of others has made life far more exciting and interesting; I’ve been able to grow through you as well.  I love my village of bloggers and how we uplift one another.


It was such a nice surprise and an honor to receive this Sunshine Blogger Award and I would like to thank Alana from Living Out Loud for nominating me.  Thank you for being such a positive and inspiring person! I love all the fitness posts and thank you for all of the advice over the past few months. Your inspiration keeps me inspired!  Keep doing what you are doing and continue to live your best life!



My nominator was Alana from Living Out Loud.  She is a mindfulness expert and lifestyle coach. She posts everything from happiness projects, workouts, and self-love.  Visit her blog for a wide variety of  stories, inspiration,  and insights.  You will not be disappointed!


  1. At the stage you are at in your life…what’s…your own personal definition of the word “Love?”

First, love of oneself is important. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others. To love yourself is to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be truthful to yourself and to feel good about yourself, regardless of your flaws. It is our flaws that make us unique and it also gives us a light. Love is a lot like light. To love is to be patient, kind, selfless, honest, and vulnerable.  Our vulnerability and honesty allow us to connect deeply and see past ourselves and to hope for the very best for another.  It’s accepting of everything and while not looking past it, but it brings a value.


  1. Would you entertain…you…10 years ago…now?

You bet! I am a joy to be with and I am such a joker. Lately, I’ve been learning to laugh at myself. We all make mistakes and let me tell you, I am a riot for some of my faux pas! This laughter has added light to my life and peace. I’ve been in a quiet and peaceful state of mind lately, meditating, reflecting, and giving advice to others. Lately, people have been asking me for advice and honour it. I’ve been honouring my self-advice too.


  1. Where’s the place…or places…you feel most at peace…at one with existence?

Peace is a state of mind. Honestly, I feel at peace everywhere I go. I tend to meet friendly people on my travels and friendly people reside everywhere. I tend to learn when I travel and when I am learning, I feel a sense of calm. Also, getting tattooed and pierced provide me with a sense of peace too.


  1. If you could take a personal life lesson…then turn it into a quote that connected with and helped others…what would it be?

“Just let it all out!” and “you get what you give.”


Why two? I learned two important things this year. The first, “just let it all out!” is simple… it’s unhealthy to hold feelings inside. I will admit, I was very ashamed to share my experiences from 7 November 2013 because I was always the intelligent one who never got so desperate and allow someone to violate her. However, we are all human and humans make mistakes. That shame and holding all of that shame inside actually not only led to anger problems and depression, but I think it acerbated my chronic illnesses.

I remember when I first shared my story when I was first starting the Happiness Box Project, some people said, “that’s not very happy! Why would you tell that story with a happiness project.” Well, feelings are healthy. Being happy all the time, just like being depressed all the time, isn’t really healthy. It is through these hard feelings that we become vulnerable and through vulnerability is how joy is created.

Anyway, I was ashamed to share these stories and some of the difficult things that happened to me through the year. I made them protected until two friends said to me, “Jess, don’t be ashamed to tell your stories. They are who you are and how can you be honest with your readers, how can you be honest with your project when you are afraid of telling your stories.” I thought about it, unhid those posts, and now I share my stories with honesty. I feel light now that I have let them all out.

I said to a co-worker this morning, “you get what you give” when she was surprised when many people opted out of giving our manager a gift. Our manager isn’t always nice and can be unfriendly at times, she has made some enemies because of what she puts out. We reap what we sow, if we are unkind to people, expect unkindess. If you are kind to others, that kindness will come back to you.


  1. What’s your favourite smell?

I really love vanilla and lavender. Both are comforting smells.


  1. What’s your favourite sound?

The sound of music, the ocean, falling rain.

  1. At the stage you are at in your life…what’s…your own personal definition of the word “Success?”

I agree with Alaina: success is setting goals and dreams, then following through and making them come true.

  1. Sum up your blog space in 5 words?
    Daily gratitude, emotions, and joy.
  2. You’re fighting…professionally…for sport…for the championship of the world…and…you win it. Did you highlight reel your opponent in the first round…out cold…or…win on points after warring with each other the entire distance?

As much as I don’t like fighting, I like the drama and we would have to go the entire distance.


  1. If I turned your life so far…into a blockbuster movie…what would it be called?

The Joy Jar.

  1. You’re writing a best selling book…fill in the blank. “10 steps to……………”

Living a more mindful and grateful life.


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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

12 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Congratulations on receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award from Alana, dear friend! Your recognition is richly deserved. I also feel honored and verklempt that you nominated me for the award as well. Thank you very much! It’s nice to be appreciated. My spirits were buoyed by the answers you gave to Alana’s questions. Those who have the capacity to laugh at themselves are loved and accepted more so than people who try to come across as absolutely perfect at all times. To question #4 I would certainly add the inspiring quote that is now printed on your skin in the form of tat #2: “for when I am weak, then I am strong.” In the est Training I was taught that being “happy” is overrated and not as important as we try to make it. Being okay and motivated to persevere and triumph over adversity is what’s important. We are all given mountains to climb. Instead of wishing they weren’t so tall and steep, we should learn to become better climbers and experience the deep down satisfaction that comes from conquering them. If you are anchored to the scents of vanilla and lavender, you should carry in your pocket or purse things that emit those scents. They will alter your mood and empower you. Use every tool and stimulate all of the senses to keep yourself energized and in “up time” – ready to take on life’s challenges, great and small.

    Once again congratulations on being recognized for your contributions to the blogging community, dear friend JM, and thank you again for thinking of me. Have a super week!

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  2. Hi Jessica!
    I really enjoyed reading your Sunshine Blogger post! Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions, share more of your story, and for spreading joy. I also started blogging when I had deleted facebook and it has turned into a wonderful creative outlet and so much more.
    I really love your 2 quotes and the meaning behind them. I admire you so much for sharing your story and your experiences, even the painful ones. I am so sorry that you went through that back in 2013. You are a survivor and your journey is inspiring. You are right, letting it out is so healthy, freeing, liberating, and empowering. “You get what you give” is such a beautiful reminder.
    I absolutely love “The Joy Jar” such a clever title 🙂
    I hope you will have a wonderful 1st week of December!

    ❤ Alana


  3. Great to hear from you!

    I am both honored and humbled by your nomination. I’ll have to put some thought into those questions. It’s alright if I come up with eleven new ones, right?


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