Gil Shaham and the Philadelphia Orchestra

Last night I went to see Gil Shaham perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra. This was my first time seeing the talented violinist live and his playing brought me to tears. Shaham not only has talent, but grace and beauty. He was a powerhouse with the bow and I sat captivated by his performance for the full forty minutes. Just beautiful and this is the true definition of joy.

I couldn’t take photos or videos, but I found some of his work on YouTube that I would love to share with you. I did try to take photos at the end, but they didn’t come out too well.



It felt so nice to return to the Kimmel Center last night, after a long summer break.

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2 thoughts on “Gil Shaham and the Philadelphia Orchestra”

  1. Hi again, Jessica Marie!

    What a lovely evening as you experienced a performance by violinist Gil Shaham with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center. You looked beautiful in that dress, dear friend! As I watched the videos you found, I too became verklempt and envious of Gil and members of the orchestra who can read sheet music and have so much talent, plus the courage and composure to perform to a packed auditorium. Imagine executing a perfect solo under such pressure as did Gil and that flautist. In my teen years I goofed around playing drums in a garage band but never learned to read the charts and never became a serious musician. Let us keep in mind that every great musician in that orchestra started out as a baby. They made certain choices and sacrifices along the way, worked hard on their craft and took advantage of opportunities to get where they are today, hitting all the right notes, making sweet, wonderful music together. There are metaphors embedded in that sentence, lessons for all of us to learn.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, dear friend JM!


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