Thankful Thursday 21 November 2019

Can you believe that there is only 40 more days left in 2019!? I’m really excited to open Happiness Box 2019, but I’m not trying to rush the time. I’m thankful for the current time and all of the blessings I’ve been experiencing.

I am thankful for Anna and Kathleen. I will admit that I haven’t written fiction or travel non-fiction in a year. My writing has been focused on everything Happiness Box from daily slips to blogs to newsletters. I was in panic mode earlier this week because I really want to get out of my current full-time job and into writing. I need a portfolio and I haven’t freelanced in three years. Sure, I can put that into a portfolio as well as the writing I did in college, but I’m worried that it’s too old. I was panicking about the timelines of everything; not only that, I panic because I don’t post to anymore. It was all about not posting to as much as I did when I joined at 16 and throughout my early 20s (really, up until the rape) and at times I feel bad about it.

Anna and I had a heart-to-heart; she’s an artist and she told me that there are times where she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body. Like me, she works, but she’s also going to school full-time… that makes sense. She’s just as tired as I can be. However, as Kathleen made me realize, I still do write and does the writing I do make me happy? If not, I should reevaluate. I’ve calmed down and I think I will put my Happiness Box Project work into a portfolio to show employers, but I also read a blog about writer’s block. I don’t have it since I am writing, it’s just not on a medium. Honestly, up until therapy and up until I got debt under control, I was a curmudgeon on A lot of it was stemming from my trauma as well and well, I lost a lot of friends on that site. When I do post to, no one really acknowledges it anymore and no one writes me either. I shouldn’t feel bad about because honestly, I outgrew that community. The writing I do is important and it is helping others; the writing I do for the Happiness Box Project also brings me joy.

I’m also thankful for dad and for our joyful mornings as he takes me to the train for work. Our Starbucks runs are fun and listening to music too. He has picked me up in the evenings since it gets dark earlier and I’m grateful. I’m thankful for mom too; she ordered a GF fruit tart for Thanksgiving and bought GF gravy for my turkey.

My tattoo turned two weeks today! It stopped itching and it has healed, at least on the top layer of skin. I’ve read that it will take a month before I can swim and soak, but the full healing takes six months. Wraith turns six months on Tuesday. Can you believe it? I’m thankful for the wonderful inking experiences and I’m grateful that my lower back is complete. My ink and piercings make me happy.

What are you thankful for?

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 21 November 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You are fortunate to have good friends like Anna and Kathleen. They offer sound advice. It is good to “come up for air” (pause) several times a year and evaluate how you are spending your time and if it is serving you. If not, if you are not enjoying what you are doing. or if it is consuming too much of your time and preventing you from moving forward, then make the necessary changes. One thing I do know. Getting a good job is a full time job in and of itself. Avoid time sucking activities such as maintaining accounts on numerous social media platforms and trying to contribute new material to them all. Devote that same time and energy to research, education, training, networking and other forms of preparedness for your new job. In NLP we learned the principle “Ask with integrity and you shall receive.” Asking with integrity means making sure you do the prep work required to be worthy of an opportunity. If you merely wish for good things to happen without being willing to work smart and position yourself to receive, you probably won’t.

    What a blessing to have your dad to provide transportation to and from the train station and to have a mom who makes sure you have delicious GF foods in your diet. Congratulations on the two week anniversary of getting your new tattoo and the upcoming six month anniversary of having The Wraith inked.

    Happy TT to you, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi Tom,

      As we were discussing via e-mail, I think having the capital to move will be my biggest asset. I finished reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and Rachel Hollis said over and over, we can only work on one goal at a time. I think my biggest thing is paying off the rest of my debt and building up savings. I paid off two cards, just have two others. I want to move and I know that in order to get a job in a new locale, I will have to move first. That requires money.

      I can do it! I was chatting with my Lyft driver tonight and I told her the NYC before Toronto goal. She said, “girl, talk to everyone you know because I’m sure someone knows someone who can help.” I told her that I do keep in contact with some local writers, I’m sure they know AND even though my uncle works in the finance industry, he has to travel to NYC twice a week. He might know someone who knows someone. Heck, he might even know if someone may need an underwriter. I would have to learn, but I am willing to learn.

      I think I get caught up in things. I don’t follow a traditional path, but I truly don’t think anyone does. Some of my best professors I had in college worked other jobs not related to writing, but business, and their knowledge was invaluable. While I don’t want to continue in the insurance industry, I do learn things that are transferable. I’m feeling better.

      Thank you, dear friend. I’m still over the moon with both of my tattoos!


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