Thankful Thursday 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

I’m headed to the Academy of Natural Sciences tonight for their spooktacular. I’m thankful that the library still had a pass left and I can enjoy the festivities for free tonight!

I’m still glowing from the Juggalo Prom. I shared my photos with friends and co-workers and they all complimented me. A few even called me prom queen, the glowing prom queen who enjoys life and the memories she makes. I’m grateful for the kind words and I’m still grateful for everyone I met at the prom.

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you thankful for?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 31 October 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    i hope you have a great time tonight at the Academy of Natural Sciences spooktacular. Will there be bug eating? 🙂 I am still getting a vicarious buzz from your heady experiences at the Juggalo Prom. I agree with your coworkers. You were the real prom queen, the belle of the ball.

    I am thankful for memories of Halloweens through the years, especially those of my youth when I never missed the chance to go trick-or-treating. In those days it was acceptable to go out two or three different nights as long as you “worked different territories” each night. It was 48 years ago today that I married Mrs. Shady #1. I needed to do the math several times to believe that all those years have passed since that day. While it didn’t last, I have fond memories, especially of our teenage years.

    Have fun tonight at the museum and a safe and happy Halloween, dear friend JM!


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